Queen – Greatest Video Hits (DVD)

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Greatest Video Hits (DVD)

2012, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

Finally the Queen promo videos are released on digital media, sadly not on Blu-Ray. This is quite disappointing as this is a missed opportunity to clean them up, give them a fresh mix and release them in HD. With Blu-Ray taking off as it is this is clearly a mistake not to have done a HD transfer and released this as a single BD.

That said it is a well overdue release that all Queen fans will purchase. The new DTS 5.1 mix is very well done and adds to the overall experience of watching these old clips. The video looks dated and appears to be a straight transfer from the old tapes with little to no time spent on cleaning them up. It is such a shame as this could have been one amazing and essential release. These old videos were once a staple back in the day on video shows and channels such as Much Music and MTV when they actually played music. Some of these were in heavy rotation and are etched in our minds forever.

A nice collection to have all those clips in one place as you can now throw away your old VHS copies