Frank Zappa 2012 Reissues; Batch #2

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Frank Zappa

Batch #2 (7 of 12 Released)

2012 Zappa Records/UMe

Rating: 4.5/5

As with the first batch of releases, these are just as welcomed. For some even more so. I will base this review on the 7 titles I have out of the 12 issued compared to 10 out of 12 the last time.

The sound on all of these is really good, SHEIK YERBOUTI is especially noticeable. This new version is miles above the previous release. APOSTROPHE is very close to the highly praised Au 20 disc. The clarity on the songs is magnificent. It’s as though a breath of life was given back to some of the music. You cannot do wrong with any of these discs. Sound, packaging, music…it’s all top rate. Most come with little booklets or fold-outs while some are quite minimal. This does not deter in anyway what is the most important; The Music.

While many are upgrades over the old Ryko releases some are the exact same or have unnoticeable or subtle differences. The choice is up to you, the consumer to decide if you will double dip on some. I would recommend these new ones as the sound fresh and lively. Plus it will look great on your CD shelf after with 60 numbered titles all in a row.