SACRED MOTHER TONGUE @ 02 Islington Academy II

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Sacred Mother Tongue 

@ 02 Islington Academy II

10th September 2012

Review by Ashlinn Nash

Photography by Andre Purvis

Upstairs in Angels bar based venue, holds a busy turn out for a Monday night. With a hubbub of crowd members who are made up from; other bands, fans of the headliner and a range of new music loving fans all seeking a way of venting out the Monday night blues!

The up close and personal venue who has hosted a wide range of bands past and present, here tonight proves why this venue is idyllic for the bands EP launch.

With a PA filled with popular tracks ranging in genres as diverse as tonight’s billing, the crowd are ready to go.

Starting tonight’s show is The Mercy House [4/5] after a bit of late start they certainly make up for it.

With a enigmatic burst of drum and cymbal in rhythmic quick arsenal speed tapping fills the air to be joined by the Vocal Styling, which sounds like Queensryche crossed with Chris Cornell.


Sounding gleaming like a well oiled machine the band continue with a range of beautiful harmonies that replicate the 90’s grunge feel.

The five-piece from London, play a solid set, with track “Cross on my soul” getting some sing backs from the crowd, the band are armed with Sonic treats with smooth sounding textures and tones.

The band through the set get more into the set as the banter breaks the mid-set ice vocalist Drew announced “If we were going to get one cheer tonight it would be from a guy in a Nirvana shirt”.

This new found presence is reflected back on the crowd, who are now won over by the musically pristine troupe. A very pleasing opening band which a interesting taste in shirts, they were not to everyone’s taste but, they still kicked ass while enjoying themselves.

Up next is the technically robust band, Cypher 16 [3.5/5] who have the vocals that you wouldn’t expect and the guitar technique you wish you had.

Opening their set with drenching Keyboard sounds with the screaming outburst “How the fuck are you doing London” draws every ones attention to the front of the venue. Being quite a stark contrast in genre, they start off a bit slower in crowd appreciation, however towards the end of the second song they gather a bit more of what these guys are about.  

The band however look comfier on stage than the previous band, with more energetic head banging and crowd interactions with surprisingly clean vocals over such harsh music.

“I am Scientist” is a song which harbours the familiar technical metal riff formula, whose recipe doesn’t always reciprocate live very well, here however works well.

The Mixed riff rhythm packaged musicians continue to play a set which is both diverse and well constructed. As they draw to a close the crowd are very attentative in applause.

The Crowd are now very ready for the headliners and underground heroes Sacred Mother Tongue[4.5/5].

The banter between bands reflects to that of which better the first album or the new EP. The Expectations are high for the English four piece, whom have just released “The light Shines”.

After much anticipation the band hit the stage, with sublimely clean vocals, which are both beautifully strong and soul ripping.

The venue is now teeming with life with the crowd completely switched on an wanting more. “The City is Crying” – “Or live from China as we call it” bursts over the speakers releasing the beautiful number from the new EP.


The Guitar styles of Andy James are very inspiring to watch as he delivers the notations with a fluid motion, creating a lavish sonic creation.”Two thousand eight hundred” sends bolts of energy into the audience who scream on pointed demand. “I feel I’m dying” gets the chorus sing-backs from the crowd. Who thoroughly are enjoying the set, even the security guards seem to be enjoying it.

“Bleeding out” from the new EP, sends the auxiliary of powerfully bombastic bass lines and powerhouse drumming over the speakers. With harmonious vocal pre-records layering over the powerful live music, sets the song ablaze.

Ruin of Man’s “The Suffering” calls for a good old fashioned rock out with the classic track. As the set goes on its more apparent that this band love what they’re doing and are very humbled by the crowd that are worshiping them tonight. The band themselves are hard to define within one genre appeal to a mass audience.

Closing the designated set tonight is “Evolve/Become” which is a compact but beautifully constructed piece that reflects the spirit of where the bands are now. Having played all the new EP tracks the crowd are very pleased with the closure.

After a roaring cry from the audience demanding more, the band return to the stage to play a song they’ve not played in about six years. “Cowboys from hell” bursts into the air with much to the fans approval. The entire set has seen Andy James working seamlessly through the sets songs with intricate precision and integrity filled with perfection.  As the final encore song draws the gig to a final closure of sublime songs it’s a job well done.