TITANS EVE Interview with Guitarist Kyle Gamblin

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Titans Eve Interview

with Guitarist Kyle Gamblin


Interview by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Although their local climate may get down to temperatures that could freeze your bits off, Canadian metallers Titans Eve’s fingers certainly aren’t getting cold in cracking out wave after wave of serious modern thrash. Unleashed only a few months ago, Titans Eve’s second album ‘Life Apocalypse’ has managed to fill even bigger boots than those of its predecessor ‘The Divine Equal’. With the band preparing to hit Europe for the first time with the backing of Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), guitarist Kyle Gamblin doesn’t leave us out in the cold…

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for me!

Kyle Gamblin (KG) – No problem!

What’s it like over there in Canada at the moment?

KG – Getting colder, fall on the way.

Your new album Life Apocalypse is the follow-up to the success of The Divine Equal – did you feel the pressure was on?

– The pressure was on, at the same time we knew exactly what to do to make the new album better. At least in our ears.

I have to say it seems there wasn’t anything to worry about as the album has been very well received – you must be very pleased?

KG – Yes, it’s great to put out a product and for people to get it and enjoy it. Nothing better than that.

It seems people never grow tired of awesome metal – but did you try and do anything different with Life Apocalypse?

KG – We just tried to write bigger hooks, better melodies and better guitar solos. Step by step.

I understand the recording process was a little different this time – do you think this impacted on the final sound?

KG – Yes, we didn’t have time to mess around so every day and moment was critical. I wouldn’t do it again, but it seemed to work.

Seems like a busy few months for you – starting with your Canadian tour with Anvil and then Kill Devil Hill – how was it?

KG – Amazing! Everyone in those bands are super chill and decent people. They actually have smaller egos than most local Vancouver bands.

Dare I ask which was best… :P?

KG – We loved Anvil. Those guys are a testament to perseverance.

More recently you’ve announced European tour dates with Arch Enemy – how did that come about?

KG – Brian’s been talking to Angela for a while, they’ve developed some good communication and she put in a good word for us. We’re very grateful to her for that.

This is your first time in Europe – has it been a long time coming? Where are you looking forward to playing?

– We’ve been looking forward to Europe since we started. We’re really looking forward to Germany because most of our overseas shipping and digital sales are from there.

What are you hoping for from the European crowds?

KG – We’re hoping for European crowds to have a good time and dig what Canadian metal can sound like.

I understand you call your touring van the ‘Titan Train’ – will it be coming with you to Europe? 😛

KG – No, we will be renting a much nicer sprinter van haha.

Finally, to get those who aren’t familiar with the band up to speed what’s the one song you’d pick to introduce someone to Titans Eve?

KG – Destined to die from Life Apocalypse and Judgment from the Divine Equal

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