SAVAGE MESSIAH – Joff Bailey (Lead Guitars) @ Bloodstock 2012

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Savage Messiah Interview

with Joff Bailey (Lead Guitars) @ Bloodstock 2012

Interview by Joffie Lovett


I managed to catch Joff just after his set with Savage Messiah, and as a friend of the guy for many years, back from when we were both growing up in Joff’s home town of Hastings, seeing his progression and going through many bands to get to where he is today, it was a great moment to see him playing at Bloodstock 2012 and kicking ass on stage!

So a quick thanks to Joff for being such a dude and giving up his time at the Bloodstock Festival for!

Bloodstock Saturday 1:10pm in the afternoon and i’m here with the Metal Legend that is Joff Bailey from Savage Messiah!

*Joff laughs*

Very good to see you again one Joffie to another!

Joff: Yeah man, it doesn’t happen very often!

*we both laugh*

So how are you finding Bloodstock so far and how have you found the reception from the fans so far?

Joff: Yeah it’s been really good, we had a really good set on the Sophie stage and everything else since we been here has been absolutely great! Everyone has been really helpful! Typical Bloodstock mate!

Weathers good and the atmospheres good!

Joff: Yeah, just an absolutely killer atmosphere, really good!

Do you prefer playing in the festival atmosphere to the smaller shows?

As I know you guys did your warm up show at The Carlisle Pub in Hastings the other day, which I  was really gutted that I couldn’t go to, but I saw it looked like a really fucking awesome show!

So do you prefer that kind of intimate environment with the fans, or do you prefer the more open air big crowd scenario?

Joff: Err, we don’t mind really! Like 5 people or 5 thousand people you just got to deliver, and just be relentless, but it’s always good to come and do a big open air show like this!

But whether it’s a nice and intimate show and everyone can go nuts and get all hot and sweaty or whether it’s a big open air show where you can let your hair down and enjoy it.

Either one really we’re not fussed, we just come and destroy!


Well you certainly did here! I think a lot of people were impressed and the sound was a lot nicer here than when I saw you guys back in Brighton supporting Evile.

Joff: Yeah?

Yeah the live sound here sounded really nice!

Joff: Yeah that’s Tony Lake our sound man, he’s a bit of a legend! Covering up all the cracks!

*Joff laughs*

Tell us a little bit about your latest release ‘Plague Of Conscience’, what label is it on and where can people can hold of it and what can people expect once it starts destroying their ears?

Joff: Yeah, it’s out through Earache Records, you can get it through any good music store online like Amazon or Play or ITunes, or you can still download it for free actually, if you go to the Earache website as there’s a link on there and you can download the album from Earache for absolutely bugger all!

We’ve been doing really well! The downloads have been strong, sales are going well, we couldn’t be happier really! It’s just had a really good reaction all over the place!

Yeah, you seem to be playing bigger and bigger stages each time I see you, so that’s got to be a good thing!

Joff: Yeah, the momentum of the band and the profile of the band just keeps going up and up and it’s got a nice steady curve upwards so that’s good, and as things are starting to build we’re just trying to sort of just keep the momentum going and just build the popularity of the band and deliver on the level that people expect us to as we rise up through the ranks, if you know what I mean?

Main stage for you guys next year then?

Joff: I hope so! I hope so! If they ask us we’ll bloody well be here but it that way!

Excellent! What plans do you have after Bloodstock, are you going to be touring anywhere else or is it chill out time for the rest of the summer?

Joff: Err; well we’re currently in the process of getting things together for the next album, so we’ve got a few spits and spots that we need to sort out between now until October and we’ll concentrate on writing and get the next album well under way.

What we’ve got so far is sounding really really killer! Much heavier than Plague Of Conscience!

It’s a real full on metal in your face fucking record, but yeah we’ve got some really big gigs lined up for the end of this year but we can’t really say too much about really.

But they heard it here on Metal Rules first right?

*Joff laughs*

Joff: Yeah yeah, just watch this space you know, big things, there’s a possibility of some big tours coming in October/November, but it’s not set in stone at the moment so I can’t say.

Sounds awesome! What bands are you looking to check out at the Festival this weekend or are you fairly busy with all the Press stuff?

Joff: Err we’ve got a little bit of press but then we have the whole rest of the weekend to get shitfaced! I’m really looking forward to Testament, really really looking forward to seeing them! Evile on the main stage will be awesome as they’re good friends with them and we toured and did quite a few gigs with them! So we’ll probably have a good old drink up with them afterwards in the VIP Bar!

Yeah, and I’m sure I’ll probably see you in there sometime later on too once I become knackered from this heat and need something to cool me down!

*Joff laughs*

Joff: Hahaha, yeah you’ll be stood over me going “Ahh Joff, what happened man! You’re absolutely wankered! What’s going on!?” Hahaha!

*we both laugh*

Yeah! And err, here’s two final questions to end the interview off!

If you could collaborate with anyone that’s on the line-up for this weekend and do any kind of collaboration or guesting on an album, what band would you choose and why?

It’s probably all of them I guess!?

Joff: Ooohhh God, yeah man! If you book us, we will come like!

Errm, if I had something to do with Testament then that would be amazing; they’ve been a massive influence on me and if they asked me to come and guest on their album or vice versa then I think I would pass out!

Well, they might read the interview once it’s posted up on Metal Rules, we’ll send it through to them you know and see what they say?

*Joff laughs*

Joff: *with a big smile on his face* Well I’m available! If you want me!

Yeah, and I’ll do Drums as well at the same time!

Joff: Yeah yeah! Go on!

*we both laugh*

Lastly; If you could put on your own Dream Festival line-up and have any band whether they are alive or dead filling up the line-up, who would your dream line-up be?

Joff: Err, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd to close the Sunday, a nice chilled out band.

Yeah, I interviewed Iced Earth yesterday and they were saying they wanted Iron Maiden and Pantera as well.

Joff: Yeah, I mean how good would that be man? Just get Dimebag back on stage and just fucking throw some horns man!

Yeah! I want to get Freddie Mercury back and get him to headline with Queen!

Joff: Yeah yeah! Get Freddie back! Queen reunion man, that would be killer!

Yeah, coz I think without Freddie there just isn’t Queen you know? But I’d still like to see them.

Joff: Yeah man!

So, is there anything else you wanted to add at the end of the interview?

Joff: Yeah, just check out our band ‘Savage Messiah’!

Our websites under development so that will be up soon! So keep an eye out for all that stuff.

And then you can go through all the photos of your gurning faces!

Joff: Yeah yeah… …plenty of pictures of Metal goodness!

But just a big thanks to everyone that’s come out to see us, you’ve all been really really good and the support here at Bloodstock has been absolutely overwhelming!

The reaction we got a minute or two ago when we got off stage was absolutely awesome!

So thanks so much to everyone!

It was really awesome man; it was an awesome show! I really enjoyed it!

Joff: Thanks very much man, cheers!

Thanks very much for your time man as well!

Joff: Not a problem man, always a privilege!