EVILE – Ben Carter [Drums] and Ol Drake [Lead Guitar] at Bloodstock 2012

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With Ben Carter [Drums] and Ol Drake [Lead Guitar] at Bloodstock 2012


Interview by Joffie Lovett

Recently at Bloodstock 2012 I had the pleasure of seeing Evile live on stage for the 2nd time and before Evile were due to take to the main stage I had the even greater pleasure and honour of speaking to both Ben (drums) and Ol Drake (lead guitar) from the band. Here’s what we got chatting about…

It’s Bloodstock, it’s Sunday and it’s just after Corrosion of Conformity’s set, I’m here with Ben and Ol Drake from Evile. You guys are going to be playing the Main Stage later on today, how have you found the festival so far and how does it feel to be back here playing on the Main Stage?

Ol Drake: The festival is always awesome, I mean we’re honoured to be playing Bloodstock as it is but to be playing such a good time slot on the Main Stage is just amazing for us.

And are you going to be checking out any of the other bands this weekend while you’re here or are you fairly busy with all this press stuff?

Ol Drake: Yeah we’ve been checking out the bands yesterday.

Ben: Yeah, Testament were great yesterday! Looking forward to Alice Cooper tonight as well! Yeah and Orange Goblin were good, it’s really hard to see as many bands as you’d like to because of the clashes and stuff.

Ol Drake: And we’re doing a lot of press today as well.

Yeah, I was just about to say… …but after seeing Testament yesterday I have to say I think they’ve been one of the best bands of the Festival so far…

Ben: Definitely, it just sounds so different with Gene Hoglun playing drums it just makes it!

Yeah, I’m a drummer myself and seeing Gene back with Testament…

Ben: It’s great isn’t it?

Yeah, it just sounds amazing live! So what’s the plan once you guys have finished up here, are you still going to be touring through the summer or are you having a break for a few months?

Ol Drake: We’ve got 1 more festival in Germany, err New Born I think it’s called. And then we’re just writing, and then we’ve got a tour in October with Wolf which will be 2 weeks around the UK.

Ben: Yep, we’ve got a hometown show in Holmfirth in the Holmfirth picture-drome. That’s going to be a Halloween, Bon-Fire night crossover extravaganza where all things could go quite badly wrong, hahahaha! And then we’re just carrying on with writing for the new album, yeah.

Yep, and the latest album is called Five Serpents Teeth, what’s the inspiration behind the title on that album, where did the idea come from and what’s the meaning behind it?

Ol Drake: It’s Matt’s concept, it’s from a book called Demolished Man by…

Ben: Alfred Bester?

Ol Drake: That’s the one, Alfred Bester, and I don’t fully get the concept because I’ve not read the book, but it’s not about Serpents… …or teeth…

Ben: Or snakes, or teeth…

Ol Drake: Or five… ..Oh no it is about five of them I think…

*Ben and Ol start laughing*

Well it’s a cool title anyway!

Ol Drake: Ahh, thank you!

Yeah, I’m hoping to see you guys live again once you’ve finished the next album or before then because I saw you guys playing down in Brighton…

Ben: Ahh yeah, at The Hydrant?

Yeah!  And that was a really good show, it went down really well and it was such a sweat box of a venue!

Ol Drake: I think its shut down now as well hasn’t it?

Ben: We enjoy little venues like that though, you know? With sweat running off the walls, and people going mad and being in your face, it’s great! It makes the show for us.

So, do you prefer those smaller more intimate shows or do you like the larger festival shows as well? Or does it just kind of become one in the same when you’re playing gigs?

Ben: I don’t know really, I guess you can multiply up the energy of the fans when you play a festival like this. There’s just more of them going crazy in a bigger open space. But the thing that sort of throws us a little bit is that the fans at festivals are always so far away. I like things right in your face so you can feel the energy, but when you’re on the main stage at Bloodstock you get the kind of separation. So it makes you play harder and work that little bit more for it. But it’s still there it’s just further away haha!

Ok, well I’ve got a couple of fun questions for you both just to end the interview off on, if you could do a collaboration with anyone on the lineup for this weekend and have them guest on your album or you guest on their album, who would you love to do a collaboration with and why?

Ol Drake: Oooo errm, Testament. Alex Skolnick I think.

Ben: Maybe Machine Head, maybe Robb Flynn that would be cool. Get him to do some vocal work. I couldn’t take over from Dave McClain that would just be stupid, haha!

And if you could hold your own dream festival lineup of bands alive or dead from any era in history, who would be your dream lineup of bands to play at your dream festival?

Ben: The Big Four, circa 1987!

Almost everyone I’ve interviewed so far has said Black Sabbath, so you’re the first guys not to say them first.

Ben: Yeah, Black Sabbath would be good!

Yeah, and I was saying get Queen with Freddie Mercury back!

Ol Drake: Oh yeah! That would be good! Get old Sepultura back together as well. Get Death to play as well, and Deep Purple.

Ben: Yeah, and Boyzone!

*we all start laughing*

Hahaha, yeah, one of the guys from Sanctuary who I was interviewing said that he wanted to get The Scissor Sisters as part of his lineup! Hahaha! I thought “yeah, that’ll go down well!” get them and Manowar on stage together!

So is there anything else you guys want to add at the end of the interview, any gigs you want to plug or anything like that?

Ben: Erm, buy our new album when it comes out, eventually! Just support bands and support festivals like this because festivals and bands can’t exist without fans going out and buying the tickets and buying the merchandise and going to gigs and supporting the scene.

And when is the new upcoming album due to be released?

Ben: Well we go into the studio around February, so we’re hoping sometime in 2013.

And I take it at the moment it’s untitled?

Ben: Yeah, we’re still in the early stages at the moment. But it’s going to be good! Fingers crossed!

Ol Drake: Call it what you want for now!

Ben: Is that what it’s going to be called? “Call It What You Want For Now!”?

Ok, well you heard the title of the new album here first folks! Hahaha!

Ben: Yeah, you scored the exclusive! Hahah!

Well thanks very much for your time today guys, it’s been really awesome meeting the both of you and I hope to see you live on stage again very soon!

Ben: Cheers Joffie, always a pleasure!

Ol Drake: Thanks Joffie!