Winterfylleth – The Threnody Of Triumph

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Reviewed: September 2012
Released: 2012, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This is the third full album release from England’s Black Metal Band Winterfylleth who formed in 2007, who intended on honouring England’s proud ancestral heritage and national culture. I do really love this band and enjoyed their previous releases, so glad to say I was not disappointed with this release.

The concept of this album is that of a lament/ode, in the form of a poem or song dedicated to those ones who have died and who are missed by their loved ones. It takes this idea and links it to how people historically viewed ideas of spirituality; in the sense of how the soul and the body were connected, ending the album on how the ancient British people viewed the process of transitioning the body and soul to the afterlife and then accepted of the passing of their loved ones; by paying homage to their lives through the dedication of a Threnody as a final tribute.

The album marks a new phase in the progression of the band’s sound which contrasts the darkness of loss and the joy of remembrance, with moody folk, melodies, while still retaining the trademark Winterfylleth sound throughout. It is a deep and emotional album that brings awareness to England’s historical stories, folklore, landscapes and ancestral past through folk-influenced vitriolic black metal sounds, which comes from the term English Heritage Black Metal (EHBM). Winterfylleth translates into Winter Full Moon, from the Olde English language.

Also, this year the band decided to re-release their debut album “The Ghost Of Heritage” on Candlelight, bringing all their releases under one label. The album was re-mastered by Colin Marston (Thousand Caves) and featured two unreleased versions of songs from the original 2008 session. They returned to Foel Studios to record this release.

This is an album that can be appreciated by many metal fans, as it has so much more to it than just an average Black Metal album and the music and melodies, chanting are enough to get you interested. There is a deep beauty in the sadness of this album and the concept of mourning. This is definitely one for the Black Metal fans out there and reminds me of early Enslaved and old-school Ulver.

This really is one amazing album and it’s great to see a UK Black Metal band doing so well!

Review by Jo Blackened


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Track Listing:
01. A Thousand Winters
02. The Swart Raven
03. Aefterield Freon
04. A Memorial
05. The Glorious Plain
06. A Soul Unbound
07. Void of Light
08. The Fate of Souls After Death
09. Home is Behind
10. The Threnody of Triumph

Christopher Naughton – Guitars/Vocals
Simon Lucas – Drums
Nick Wallwork – Bass/Backing Vocals
Mark Wood – Lead Guitar