Eye of Solitude – Sui Caedere

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Reviewed: September 2012
Released: 2012, Kaotoxin Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

I love it when you press play on an album and you just instantly think FUCK YEH and the goose bumps start to run down your spine! This is exactly how I felt on first hearing now London based Doom Metal Band’s second album release Sui Caedere. These guys are so amazing and more so considering they only formed in 2010 and have already gained an impressive fan base. Daniel Neagoe’s voice is so deep and powerful I swear he can penetrate your soul and knock you off your feet!

The albums concept is inspired by human’s emotional distress, inner pain and a cruel combination of negativity and grief…something I can really relate to. As well as dark shapes that terrorize the inner being and keep it captive on the altar of suffering, until not being able to breathe any longer, it finds its end – a supreme escape towards peace and eternal rest. The Eye Of Solitude is actually the heart of forests where unsettled spirits dwell, it is the fear within, the carnal ripping of every thought when abandoned in despair, it is nightmare and enlightenment, a fearsome tide that carries the soul and mind onto dark realms of insanity.

After their release of THE GHOST (their debut album released in June 2011), and a self-titled EP, the band are going from strength to strength and I am not surprised. The band was put together by Daniel Neagoe (also of Unfathomable Ruination, Colossus, and The Departure) and also the vocalist for Death Metal band Unfathomable and is the main focus behind both the Depressive Black Metal band Colossus and the Dark Ambient project The Departure.

EYE OF SOLITUDE has it all, Death Metal, Doom, Funeral Doom, Gothic Metal, Symphonic and Ambient metal, surely there has to be something here for any metal fan, with an eerie, dark haunting atmosphere throughout. Unlike most Doom metal tracks you can understand the lyrics and despite the long deep growls in some of the tracks, most songs are around 7minutes long and are faster than most funeral doom songs – well except track 6 \”Those who don\’t return\”, which is over 13minutes long, but with an album like this I certainly didn’t want it to end!

I really hope other metal fans out there love EYE OF SOLITUDE as much as I did. With the impressive guitar riffs and uniqueness of each songs, with some being extremely slow, as well as fast paced at times, they include both symphonic parts and upper quality shred-like soloing, thanks to the band’s lead guitarist Indee Rehal-Sagoo. This is most definitely one for all Doom/Funeral Doom fans but I except Death Metal fans to love this too!

EYE OF SOLITUDE will certainly be loved by fans of Skepticism, Septic Flesh, Chaostar, Saturnus, October Tide, and My Dying Bride due to the Gothic Metal elements, so please do give it a go cause I can’t stop listening to it!

Amazing…just amazing!

Review by Jo Blackened


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Track Listing:
1. Awoken by crows
2. The haunting
3. Strigoi
4. A note to say farewell
5. Depths of a sick mind
6. Those who don\’t return
7. Performed in graphic pain
8. Totem of a pagan thought
9. Yet I breathe
10. Departure

Daniel Neagoe – Vocals
Indee Rehal-Sagoo – Guitars
Tristan Jefferies – Guitars
Pedro Caballero Clemente – Keys

Live session members:
Jamie Sweeney – guitars
Ewan Ross – drums
Federico Benini – bass