Belligerency – Hostile Onslaught

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Reviewed: September 2012
Released: Dece, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Carlos Llanas

South Texas is well known for its great array of metal; various mixtures of death, thrash, black, and even traditional metal bands call South Texas home. One band in particular comes to mind though; Belligerency. They have been kicking around the scene in South Texas for a good while now, and after a hiatus that lasted a couple of years, they are back and stronger than ever. Their dedication and devotion to the South Texas metal scene is admirable and widely known. From the depths of Harlingen, Texas, Belligerency\’s brand of Death/Thrash brings forth raw talent, energy, and aggression to the table. Not only are they some of the friendliest group of heathens this side of the Rio Grande, they also put on a hell of a live performance. Their new album HOSTILE ONSLAUGHT, is on the horizon, and although the release is anticipated to drop mid-December, I had the chance to listen to the four song demo, and I have to say, it was pretty damn good.

The demo starts off strong and continues as such throughout its entirety. One song that really stuck was \”Endless Interrogation\”, it has relentless riffing, razor gargling vocals, sick bass lines, and a killer thrash beat; all great attributes that will make you bang your head till your brains come out. Catchy riffs and vocal structures make songs like \”Summoned to Execute\” and \”Martyr to Some Betrayer to All\” an enjoyable experience. The lyrical content and song themes are highly influenced by war, a lot like Kreator and Sodom. Musically, I hear some Dismember influences in the mix.

The one thing that needs work, is the production. The quality is not at its best, but at the same time it embodies the \”raw\” sound of old. Also, on some parts, it sounds like the microphone might have been too close, as you can hear a slight muffled sound on the vocals every so often. This isn\’t anything major, and definitely doesn\’t take away from the songs, but it was something that was noticed.

This demo was a good listen. If the four songs I heard caught my attention, I\’m sure the rest of it is going to kill. If you are a fan of fast paced death metal with a hint of thrash, pick this album up; You won\’t be disappointed.


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Track Listing:
1. Summoned to Execute
2. Martyr to some Betrayer to All
3. Endless Interrogation
4. Last one Alive Last one to Die

Bert Morin-Vocals
Serge STMP Carrasco-Guitars
Andrew Puente-Bass
Jaime Martinez-Drums