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After several years of hard work trapped in the dungeons of creating a heavy metal masterpiece, NJ/NY progressive metal band FOREVER’S EDGE have announced the return of singer CLAY BARTON (SUSPYRE) for their sophomore album, Hereafter, as well as bassist NOAH MARTIN (ARSIS).

CLAY BARTON comments:

“When I was first approached about being a part of the second album I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the time or energy to put forward what was needed from a vocalist, but when I started hearing the rough mixes I knew that it had a chance to be something very special. Sal has always been nice enough to give me the freedom to be creative and that makes recording his albums a much more enjoyable experience. If you aren’t having fun with a project, it comes across in the music for everyone to hear. My hope is that when everyone hears the album they experience not only the music, but also experience a little bit of the fun that went into recording it.”

NOAH MARTIN comments:

“I’m glad to have done this recording session with friends, the majority of whom I’ve known for nearly ten years. It’s definitely an effective gelling of musicians, Their music seems to capture the riffs of say, Iced Earth, the length and complexity of Blind Guardian’s arrangements, and the grandeur of Symphony X. It’s been hectic finishing both this and the Arsis album. Much thanks to the guys for asking me to play on their album, being patient, and even giving me a bass solo.”

Sal Pisano: Guitars
Mike Pignataro: Keyboards & Pianos

Clay Barton: Vocals
Noah Martin: Bass
Samus Paulicelli: Drums
Rob DeSimone: Secondary Vocals (Growls)

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