Noctis V: Interviews with ANCIENTS, GRAND MAGUS, SCYTHIA, etc

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Noctis V


Interviews by JP & Monika Deviat

This Sept. 27-29 2012, Calgary, AL, Canada is the epicenter of a great metal festival and conference – NOCTIS. Full details on the event are here. This feature will continue to grow in the coming days with several interviews.

  • Part 1 is with the band ANCIIENTS.
  • Part 2 is with Terese Fleming, the mastermind of the Noctis festivals and owner of Scarab Productions.
  • Part 3 is with the band GRAND MAGUS.

NOCTIS V Interviews Part 1:

Guitarist Chris Dyck of ANCIIENTS

When did you first hear about Noctis Valkyries Festival?

We first heard about it from our manager Sean Palmerston. He had been invited to be a speaker in one of the previous years and he said the experience totally ruled.

What made you want to decide to come to this festival?

Sean mentioned that it would be a great opportunity for us and if we were invited we should for sure say YES!…I scoped the previous year’s line ups and it looked pretty gnarl! I talked to Terese with

little hope of being asked(since we had just done 2 shows at Sled Island), but she had heard good things about us from some Calgary locals and a couple people in her family saw us play with Boris and

gave her the thumbs up. We were extremely stoked when she messaged us confirming we had been invited. I’m an old school death/thrash metal guy so for me personally this is huge, and I know the other guys in ANCIIENTS are stoked as hell also, due to the size and quality of the fest and the fact that something this Metal is actually happening in Western Canada.

Which bands are you most excited to see at NV?

The entire line up is pretty diverse and cool. We can only hang for the Fri night so we will miss tons of sick bands but Midnight, Manilla Road and Pig Destroyer are pretty awesome and I’m stoked to see all 3. Plus our buds Archspire play that night also, so many beers will be shotgunned.

Are planning to attend or participate in the industry conference?

I would love to, but I just don’t think we will have time.

How is the debut album coming along?

The album has been in the can for a while now, the mastering is almost finished, art work is finished, we have signed with a fairly well known, rad metal label for its releases. It should be available

in Jan or Feb at the latest. We are amped on how it turned out, can’t wait for everyone to hear this thing. I think people are gonna really enjoy it…we worked really hard on it and it shows. Jesse Gander

really brought out the best in us and the sounds he got are amazing. We are very proud of the debut. It should be good! We also have a 7" coming out mid Sept on War On Music…stoked for that!

In this day and age of digital downloads how important is packaging and presentation?

Kenny (Cook) and I are old school that way: we think the layout and art and visual is very important. I don’t care if its not crucial these days…fuck that. I like buying albums with art and content that people actually created and took the time to make awesome. That being said we know the game, so whatever works to get the music out there, but for vinyl release this thing is gonna be sick. It has amazing art by our usual lady, Alison Lilly. She rules, the album art has kind of a hippy Dan Seagrave vibe to it. I know the label really digs the art to so we are hoping to make the packaging/presentation for the vinyl super rad.  For the digipack I’m not sure what’s required. I probably wont even be involved in that kinda stuff so who knows, but essentially we care about presentation. We would like to keep it to recycled paper for the cds and records though of course!

Anciients have quite a bit of industry buzz already. To what do you attribute your earlier success?

Well, a few of us were in a bigger punk rock kinda band for a long time so that helped in terms of people checking out our new thing, but in reality we hibernated, wrote songs and jammed for a year

before we booked any shows. We had a cool demo and some cool artwork to unleash around the time of our first show, so I think that was key. I have spent many, many hours on the computer just talking to people and "meeting" people. I could give you a 2 page list of people we owe a lot to in terms of early support. Part of it is we play well live, and pride ourselves on that. It’s crucial – a shitty live show= no buzz, shit reviews and shit turnouts next time. We kinda were a bit strategic with the shows locally also. Basically its a combo of the music, live show, the visual presentation and thousands of hours of networking and telling people to get into it…haha

What part of your upcoming show in Calgary are you most anticipating?

Meeting Chris Bruni is gonna be rad, hanging with lawyer Eric Greif, Adrien Bergand is a killer dude that we have become friends with so it’ll be cool to finally meet the guy in person. Watching Sarah Kitteringham headbanging up front gets ya stoked also, haha. It’ll be sick, tons of rad bands and tons of cool people to schmooze and booze. The Distillery rules, so that’ll be killer too. We have a lot of friends in Calgary so anytime we get to hang there is sweet, get some bbq at the Palomino, etc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Terese Fleming! Thanks for inviting us! We plan on crushing some fucking heads. We’ll do ya proud Calgary…see you guys soon!

For more on ANCIIENTS check out their MySpace page.


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