Cannibal Corpse / Exhumed: Summer Slaughter 2012

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Cannibal Corpse / Exhumed:

Summer Slaughter 2012

Trocacdero Theater

August 5, 2012

Review & photos by Infamousbutcher

Summer Slaughter is an extreme metal tour that has been around since 2001. It hits the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. This year’s headliner is Cannibal Corpse, who is supporting their new album TORTURE. I saw Cannibal Corpse with Chris Barnes back in 1994 on THE BLEEDING tour but I have never seen them with vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Also, TORTURE is an impressive album of gore, brutality, and musicianship. Because of these two factors, Summer Slaughter was a must see for me!

Today’s show is at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, right in the middle of Chinatown. The Troc, as it is known, is a very old theater that dates back to 1870. Back in the 1970s it was a burlesque house, how’s that for class? The Troc holds about 1200 people for a general admission show. There are seats in the balcony but the downstairs is standing room only. The old Troc has been fixed up a bit lately, somebody took a paintbrush to the place and the stage is definitely nicer that it was in the mid-90s. The air conditioning sucks though, mostly just fans circulate the air. Overall this is a great place to see a metal show; I’ve seen Morbid Angel, Crowbar, Grip Inc, and Overkill at the Troc over the years.



We arrived about 3:00 as I only had interest in two bands, Exhumed and Cannibal Corpse. The rest of the bands were more deathcore, metalcore, or melodic death metal. I’m an old school guy that favors the late 80s – early 90s death metal, no pretense required. Exhumed is my kind of band, old school Carcass style goregrind with a hint of humor! After a short delay due to sound issues, we got a creepy intro with buzzing flies and such. Then Matt Harvey and co blasted us with the instrumental “All Guts No Glory”! It sounded like the album but a bit grungier. Next they tore into “As Hammer To Anvil” like a serial killer dismembering a corpse! Matt’s high pitched screamed vocals were great and Bud Burke, who just re-joined the band, did a good job with the low Bill Steer (of Carcass) style vocals. Matt is a great frontman, I got to see him in action on the DEATH TO ALL tour and today he was in fine form again, firing up the crowd during “Limb From Limb” (great sing along!) and “The Matter of Splatter”. During “In The Name of Gore” a hockey mask wearing lunatic with a live chainsaw ran out on stage to everyone’s delight! Later during “The Matter of Splatter” he came back with a bloody severed head, which he threw into the audience! He followed that up with a crowd surf! A little Alice Cooper theatrics never hurt anyone! Great energy, killer goregrind, only problem was it was too short at 30 min. I think a song was trimmed due to the delayed start. I’ve got to get some more Exhumed back catalog stuff and see these guys headline!

After Exhumed we left to get some dinner in Chinatown. We had to be back by 6 so over the next three hours I heard bands like Periphery, The Faceless, and Between the Buried and Me. I didn’t like any of ‘em, this new deathcore / metalcore style is just not for me. Just give me the straight ahead f*&king brutality with low tuned grinding guitars, heavy drums, sick lyrics, and guttural vocals and I’m a happy man.

Cannibal Corpse


At about 9:40 the wait was over and Cannibal hit the stage, immediately going into “Demented Aggression”, the first track on TORTURE. Sound was thick, sick, and heavy! Corpsegrinder (George) constantly windmilled and banged his head when he wasn’t bellowing out the vocals; at times his face was covered with hair as he growled. His vocals were heavier live than on the record but they weren’t as understandable – but hey this is death metal, the point is brutality! Corpsegrinder is the best headbanger I have ever seen. I don’t know how he does it night in and night out, f*&king amazing! He is definitely a candidate for neck surgery at some point, ala Tom Araya and Dave Mustaine. Rob Barret and Pat O’Brien riffed away at blistering speeds; it was incredible to watch their fretwork up close. Alex Webster plays the bass like no other, effortless speed and musicianship. Paul Mazurkiewicz’s double bass drumming was constant throughout the set, unlimited endurance.


The next two songs were new ones from TORTURE as well, in the same order they appear on the album, “Sarcographic Frenzy” and the slower, grinding, plodding “Scourge of Iron”. “Scourge of Iron” is a rare slower CC song and it sounded awesome, one of my faves of the night. After that we got an excellent rendition of “Disfigured” which is from the first CC album with Corpsegrinder, 1996’s VILE. Corpsegrinder is a great frontman, talking and joking with the crowd between songs, challenging them to headbang with him (“You can try, but you will lose!”) and introducing songs (“This one is about blood coming out of your c*&k! I CUM BLOOD!”). He seemed to be having a blast up there. Crowd response was intense with a good pit but it was not as crazy as I was figuring (see my review of Anthrax’s set at the Scranton Mayhem Festival for reference). Unfortunately, I think about a third of the crowd, mostly folks in their teens and early 20s, left after Between The Buried and Me. I guess the hardcore death metal is just too much for them. Other set highlights included oldies “Born in a Casket” (from EATEN BACK TO LIFE) and “Covered With Sores” (from my fave CC album BUTCHERED AT BIRTH!), “The Time to Kill is Now” and “Make Them Suffer” from KILL, and brutal new song “Encased in Concrete”. Final songs were “Hammer Smashed Face” and “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled” two old Chris Barnes era songs that sounded better with him at the helm. Overall I felt Corpsegridner did a fantastic job with the other Chris songs from EATEN BACK TO LIFE, BUTCHERED AT BIRTH, and TOMB OF THE MUTILATED and of course he nailed the material from VILE on. When introducing “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled”, Corpsegrinder said, “I said that (meaning “Hammer Smashed Face” ) was the last song. I LIED!” Moshing went up a few notches after that! All metalheads went home happy, sweaty, and drained. Great gore soaked set of classic death metal by one of the very best in the genre.


Exhumed set list

        All Guts, No Glory

        As Hammer to Anvil

        In the Name of Gore

        Limb From Limb

        The Matter of Splatter


Cannibal Corpse set list

        Demented Aggression

        Sarcophagic Frenzy

        Scourge of Iron


        Evisceration Plague

        The Time to Kill is Now

        Covered With Sores

        Born in a Casket

        I Cum Blood

        Encased in Concrete

        Priests of Sodom

        Unleashing the Bloodthirsty

        Make Them Suffer

        Hammer Smashed Face

        Stripped, Raped and Strangled

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