Death to All Tour / Gorguts – June 28 2012 NYC

Sean Reinert - Death To All
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Death to All Tour / Gorguts

Irving Plaza, NYC
June 28, 2012
Review & pics by Infamousbutcher

December 2011 marked 10 years since the metal community lost one of its legends, Death founder Chuck Schuldiner. Chuck’s stature as a death metal pioneer, virtuoso guitarist and brilliant songwriter has only grown with his passing. There are many young fans that have never experienced the brutal chaos and intricate musicianship of a Death performance. Well here’s something to remedy that! Chuck’s former manager Eric Grief has joined forces with Sick Drummer Magazine to bring the fans the Death To All Tour, a celebration of Chuck’s music performed by a combination of several talented musicians who played with Chuck on various albums and tours. All proceeds for the tour go to Sweet Relief, a charity that assists musicians in paying medical bills, which is very fitting since Chuck himself struggled with medical bills before his untimely passing. This tour represents a once in a lifetime chance for hardcore metalheads to experience Death’s music live, or for us older fans, relive the glory days of the early 90s when death metal was king!

The musicians featured on this short 5 show tour include guitarists Paul Masvidal (HUMAN), Bobby Kobelble (SYMBOLIC), Shannon Hamm (THE SOUND OF PERSERVERENCE), drummers Gene Hoglan (INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS, SYMBOLIC), Sean Reinert (HUMAN), bassists Steve DiGiorgio (HUMAN, INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS), Scott Clendenin (THE SOUND OF PERSERVERENCE), and vocalist / guitarist Charles Elliot of Abysmal Dawn. Obscura’s Steffen Kummerer was unable to attend due to visa problems, so Exhumed’s Matt Harvey took his place on vocals / guitar. Exhumed drummer Danny Walker also pitched in on a few songs since Sean Reinert suffered an Achilles tendon tear a few weeks ago. Talk about nails tough! I am amazed he was able to play at all, as this ain’t no laid back easy listening drumming folks!

Tonight’s show in New York City is at the famous Irving Plaza where many legendary rock musicians have performed. It’s a small intimate venue that holds about 1100 people. Unfortunately, the air conditioning did not work at tonight’s sold out performance, so it was hot as hell and extremely uncomfortable within a few songs of the first Death set. I saw sweat pouring off the musicians within seconds of taking the stage and some fans opted to spend part of the show downstairs in the cooler lobby while others left early, unable to stand the heat anymore. The extreme heat tarnished an otherwise brilliant metal show.

Opening act was Canadian death metal legends Gorguts, who took the stage at about 8PM. I have always been a big fan of their first two albums, 1991’s CONSIDERED DEAD and 1993’s THE EROSION OF SANITY but I had never seen them before. With their backs to the crowd, the band started ominously with some atmospheric rumbling before turning and diving into “From Wisdom to Hate.” The sound was a perfect blend of technical riffing, complex solos, and ghastly vocals! Singer / guitarist Luc Lemay is the only original member, but the band was very tight, especially on classic material like “Orphans of Sickness”. Luc didn’t skimp on the growling either, stretching his impressive vocal range to full effect, recreating the long guttural growls on “Stiff and Cold” just like it sounds on the CONSIDERED DEAD album. The set was a little heavier on tracks from OBSCURA and FROM WISDOM TO HATE and I would have liked more stuff from CONSIDERED DEAD (“Rottenatomy” anyone?), but overall it was a great set. Even my wife, a newcomer to Gorguts, was quite impressed. My favorite tracks were the old stuff, “Stiff and Cold”, “The Erosion of Sanity”, and “Orphans of Sickness”.  I’ve got to see these guys headline!

Pics of GORGUTS:



The crowd was foaming at the mouth as we waited for death metal history! The familiar theme from John Carpenter’s Halloween stoked us up a bit more, providing a suitably foreboding vibe! The band took the stage at about 9:15, with Charles Elliot on guitar and vocals, Paul Masvidal on guitar, Steve DiGiorgio on bass, and Sean Reinert on drums. They proceeded to slaughter us with a killer rendition of the oldie “Zombie Ritual”! All of the band members were very animated, especially Paul who seemed to mosh all over the stage while playing his little Steinberger guitar, his short hair completely different than it looked in the early 90s. Steve towered over the other musicians, strumming his fretless bass like a guitar, constantly moving. Sean’s drumming was amazing considering the Achilles injury, I am very grateful that he was able to be part of the tour and impressed with his guts. The sound was tight, intense, and the band chemistry was incredible considering this wasn’t a regular lineup. Charles’s voice is much deeper than Chuck’s was, but on the older, more brutal tracks this worked very well. Up next was the classic “Leprosy” in all its shredding glory! Other highlights from the first lineup included SPIRITUAL HEALING’s “Within the Mind” and SCREAM BLOODY GORE’s “Torn to Pieces”. The crowd responded with frantic moshing and crowd surfing, the bouncers at the front of the stage had their hands full!

After “Left to Die”, Gene Hoglan (The Atomic Clock) replaced Sean behind the drumkit for a group of tracks from the HUMAN album. Gene is a freak of nature, fast, powerful, and intricate at the same time. The drumming immediately became more intense with “Suicide Machine” and blew us away during “Lack of Comprehension” and “Flattening of Emotions”. Charles’s voice didn’t fit the HUMAN songs as well as the early material, but the musicianship was damn near flawless. Then, Exhumed drummer Danny Walker replaced Gene to play a superb version of “Secret Face”. After this, we got a short 5 minute break as the lineup changed again.

Time for some INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS metalheads! Matt Harvey replaced Charles on vocals and guitar and did an excellent job channeling Chuck’s higher pitched growls on masterful versions of “The Philosopher”, “Trapped in a Corner” and “Overactive Imagination”. Matt seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he charged up the rabid crowd with his intensity, encouraging fans to sing along. Shannon Hamm had replaced Paul on lead guitar while Steve and Gene remained on bass and drums, respectively. Beginning with “Overactive Imagination”, a dreadlocked Bobby Koelble took over on second guitar, leaving Matt to focus on vocals. The riffs and solos just kept coming with no letup, no drop off. Scott Clendenin replaced Steve on bass staring with “Bite The Pain”. Next it was flawless material from SYMBOLIC, with Bobby and Matt on guitar for “Zero Tolerance”, “1000 Eyes” and “Crystal Mountain.”

To make the night even more mindblowing, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and former Death drummer Richard Christy made guest appearances on “Spirit Crusher” and “Scavenger of Human Sorrow”, two tracks from THE SOUND OF PERSERVERENCE album that were not played at any of the other Death to All Tour shows! Metal overload folks, the mind can only handle so much!  The encore included a moving version of the instrumental “Voice of the Soul”, SPIRITUAL HEALING killer cut “Living Monstrosity” and an all hands on deck version of “Pull The Plug”, which was very fitting since Death usually closed shows with this LEPROSY crusher. The vibe was bit reminiscent of the Big 4 jam of “Overkill” at Yankee Stadium last September.

Since I saw Death in 1993 on the INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS tour (COMPLETELY INSANE show with Gorefest), I have a frame of reference to compare the show to. At two and half hours, no Death show back in the day would have been as long or had covered as much material as this one did, so in one sense it was even better than what I saw in 1993. This was as close as you will ever get to seeing Death live today. It was a breathtaking show with an outstanding set list, many thanks to Eric, Sick Drummer Magazine, Charles, Paul, Matt, Steve, Scott, Bobby, Gene, Sean, Shannon and Danny. Here’s hoping the Death to All tour expands to more cities and goes international so Sweet Relief raises more money and more fans are able to experience what we did in NYC. Long live Chuck! Your indelible stamp on heavy metal will always be revered, never forgotten, having touched of lives of so many.

Lineup 1:

Guitar / Vocals – Charles Elliott

Guitar – Paul Masvidal

Bass – Steve DiGiorgio

Drums – Sean Reinert

Lineup 2:

Guitar / Vocals – Charles Elliott

Guitar – Paul Masvidal

Bass – Steve DiGiorgio

Drums – Gene Hoglan

Lineup 3:

Guitar / Vocals – Matt Harvey

Guitar – Shannon Hamm

Bass – Steve DiGiorgio

Drums – Gene Hoglan

Lineup 4:

Guitar / Vocals – Matt Harvey

Guitar – Bobby Koelble

Bass – Scott Clendenin

Drums – Gene Hoglan


Gorguts Set List

From Wisdom to Hate

The Carnal State

Orphans of Sickness


Stiff and Cold



The Erosion of Sanity


Death To All Set List

Zombie Ritual (start of lineup 1)


Within the Mind

Torn to Pieces

Left to Die (Scott on bass)

Suicide Machine (start of lineup 2)

Lack of Comprehension

Flattening of Emotions

Secret Face (Danny Walker on drums)

The Philosopher (start of lineup 3)

Trapped in a Corner

Overactive Imagination (Bobby on guitar, Matt on vocals only)

Bite the Pain (Scott on bass)

Zero Tolerance (start lineup 4)

1,000 Eyes

Crystal Mountain

Flesh and the Power It Holds (Matt on vocals only, Shannon on guitar)

Spirit Crusher (Alex Skolnick on guitar, Richard Christy on drums)

Scavenger of Human Sorrow (Alex Skolnick on guitar, Richard Christy on drums)


A Moment of Clarity (Shannon on guitar)

Voice of the Soul (Shannon, Bobby, Scott on acoustic guitar)

Living Monstrosity (Bobby, Charles, Steve, Gene)

Pull the Plug (all except Danny Walker)



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