Woslom – Time to Rise

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Reviewed: August 2012
Released: 2010, None
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Infamousbutcher

I am amazed at how much 80s style thrash is out there in the underground. In the last few months I have reviewed albums from Havok and Mutant Squad that reminded me of the thrash glory days. Now Brazil’s Woslom has come forth with their debut album TIME TO RISE. Woslom formed in 1997 and recorded several demos prior to TIME TO RISE while touring heavily in Brazil. It’s time for these guys to get noticed by a record label, this is quality thrash played by talented musicians that metalheads will eat up!

Starting with the title track, TIME TO RISE kicks off with fast riffs, solid drumming, and James Hetfield style vocals. Right away the album evokes KILL ‘EM ALL with its speed and groove. “Soulless” has a bit of a Megadeth RUST IN PEACE sound with some of the riffing. Some tracks, such as “Power and Misery” and “Checkmate” are an epic 8 to 9 minutes long with a blizzard of nonstop riffs and solos. Both “Checkmate” and “Beyond Inferno” have a Testament feel. There are no weak tracks here, I didn’t dig the vocal echo effects on “The Deep Null”, but this is a minor gripe. Production is good; everything is clear and loud, as thrash should be.

Fans of old Metallica, Megadeth, and Overkill should check out TIME TO RISE. Woslom is good, fast throwback thrash and I think they would make a great opening act for established thrash bands like Death Angel, Testament, and Overkill. Recommended.


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Track Listing:
1. Time to Rise
2. Soulless (S.O.T.D.)
3. Power & Misery
4. The Deep Null
5. Mortal Effect
6. Despise Your Pain
7. Downfall
8. Checkmate
9. Beyond Inferno

Silvano Aguilera – guitar and vocals
Rafael Iak – guitar
Francisco Stanich Jr – bass
Fernando Oster – drums