Pastel Jack – Trojan Horse

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Reviewed: August 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

\”Pastel Jack”; Its fairly difficult to pigeonhole these guy’s, which personally i think is a good thing nowadays. With an operatic almost thrash Goth sound and some seething guitar playing, some tracks sound Maidenly Metallic, while others are flavoured Avengedly Trivious. They are certainly an interesting bunch and with some roomy atmospherics used to good effect, this four piece from Yorkshire have produced a tasty audio hotpot.

The band have been booking and promoting their own gigs since late 2007 creating their own videos and doing their own PR. I can’t help but be impressed by the drumming and guitar playing ability of this band; it rarely seems out-placed or uncomplimentary. Lyrics are interesting colourful and flow graciously as demonstrated in the man-o-war-esque “Day like you”. “Part two (your sick machine)” and “Synergy” let rip from the word go with some scorching drums and blistering guitar parts, and there is no question of Neil Bailey’s singing capability.

One to keep an eye on although I just can’t help feeling that this band need a dirtier sounding finish on their Vox, Something just doesn’t work as they are left struggling to climb this metal riffed mountain with the likewise power and conviction of the rhythm section.

It would be interesting to see this band live, as I have heard some positive comments on their performances such as their supporting slot for ‘Blitzkrieg’ on their 30th anniversary tour.

Review by: Ashley Charles Blackblood


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
01 Trojan Horse
02 Cold Light of Day
03 The Gentle Art of Combustion
04 The Sacred Self
05 Down to a Sunless Sea
06 Day Like You
07 Part One (The Ghost Within)
08 Part Two (Your Sick Machine)
09 Flat Line
10 Methematic
11 Synergy
12 Swan Dive

Neil Bailey – Vocals.
Peter Delaney – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave Cope – Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar
Tom Cope – Drums