Borgne – Royaume des Ombres

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Reviewed: August 2012
Released: 2012, Sepulchral Productions
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Borgne are a Black Metal band from Switzerland who were infact the first group outside Québec to be signed to Sepulchral Productions. After thirteen years of activity, five albums releases the band are now formed with official members.

Despite them being a Black Metal band, ‘Royaume des Ombres’ does not have the typical old skool gritty style, but has been produced with a clear sound production with the lyrics clear enabling you to hear each instrument perfectly.

The album starts with a dark atmospheric intro before blasting into the track ‘Suffer As I Paid My Grave’ where I instantly got goosebumps and shivers running down my spine, making me fall instantly in love with this album.

There are some songs which stand out more than others but tracks ‘Suffer As I Paid My Grave’, ‘In the Realm of the Living Im Dead’ and ending on the best track on the album; in my opinion ‘The Last Thing You Will See… are defiantly my faves!

There is a dark atmosphere which surrounds every track of this album using nice ambient synths and operatic sounds and vocals with a dense, suffocating sound with fast black metal blistering beats throughout. It is clear the band have moved towards a darker and more complex direction hinted on ‘Entraves de l\’Âme’, while still retaining the hatred and blistering speed which we have come to expect from this band!

Despite there only being 6 tracks on this album it is an hour long, but the only downfall for me was the fact I wanted to hear MORE!

The lyrics are so dark and filled with hatred and evil it made me smile with my black lil heart!
Even if you aren’t into the typical black metal genre this is one album that needs to heard…and one I can’t seem to stop listening to! AMAZING ALBUM!!

Review by: Jo Blackened


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Track Listing:
01 Fall of the Lost Souls
02 Suffer As I Paid My Grave
03 In the Realm of the Living Im Dead
04 Only the Dead Can be Heard
05 All These Screams Through Me
06 The Last Thing You Will See

Bornyhake : Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, programming, cello
Guests :
Ardelean : Guitars
Lady Kaos : Keyboards
Phaesphoros : Guitars
Quaoar : Bass
Xax : Guitars