GOJIRA @ 02 Islington Academy

Gojira @ 02 Islington Academy 27th June 2012 Review and Photography by Ashlinn Nash Tonight is a night full of anticipation, due to the headliners, Gojira having released a latest offering “l’enfant sauvage” (Wild child in English), which is a fresh from the press slab of genius; tonight’s focus is…

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STEVE HOGARTH (h) Interview

Steve Hogarth (h) Interview at Northern Ireland, UK By Mark Dean Steve Hogarth, also known as "h", is the lead vocalist and occasional keyboardist/guitarist with the British hard rock band Marillion. Hogarth was formerly a keyboard player and co-lead vocalist with The Europeans and vocalist with How We Live.


Hellfest Festival 2012 @ Clisson, France 15th – 17th June 2012 Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs Photography by Sabrina Dersel Move over Batman – there’s a new symbol dominating the night sky as Hellfest’s mighty H calls brothers to arms for a weekend, that quite frankly, would strike fear into the…

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Canadian heavy metallers CAULDRON have revealed their new, permanent drummer as MYLES DECK. MYLES spent much of his life living and playing in bands in Halifax, Nova Scotia, including blackened thrashers HELLACAUST, as well as fronting a Detroit-style punk rock outfit called MYLES DECK AND THE FUZZ.  He replaces CAULDRON’s…

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A&R/Product Manager Paul Gargano On Legal Battle Over QUEENSRŸCHE Name – “The Injunction Was To Protect The Future Value Of The Queensrÿche Brand”

It was recently reported by Billboard.com‘s Christa Titus that QUEENSRŸCHE defeated a motion for a preliminary injunction on July 13th that would have kept it from touring and operating under the band name. This was exclusive information issued to Billboard by AGPS Management senior manager Glen Parrish. The act is…

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