Salmon Fest 2012 – Aerosmith with Cheap Trick

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Aerosmith with Cheap Trick

Grand Falls – Windsor, NL CANADA

July 14th, 2012

Review and Photos by Celtic Bob


Another Salmon Fest has come and gone and this year’s was the biggest ever. With estimates of a crowd over 30k on the field isn’t to bad for a small town with a population of half that. As with many festivals they try to have something for everyone and this was no different.

The show opened early in the afternoon to pop-sensation Carly Rae Jepson. She was supposed to be followed by Flo-Rida who never arrived so Uncle Kracker hit the stage early and did a great job getting the crowd warmed up and in the mood. Flo-Ride arrived and went on in Uncle Kracker’s spot. Rumors quickly circulated about Carly Rae and Flo-Rida’s performance as they sounded a little too much like the CD.


Now the time has come and it is time for Cheap Trick to hit the stage. This was my third time seeing Trick and they have never disappointed and this time was no exception. They were on fire and in exceptional form. Robin Zander’s vocals were flawless. He hit every note and his voice showed zero signs of aging. Rick Neilson was his ‘Normal’ self with getting the crowd going and his guitar changing. Tom Peterson appeared to be really enjoying himself and had a big smile on his face. He sang his signature song “I Know What I Want” which was well performed. They did “ She’s Tight” which was a welcomed surprise and despite the diverse aged crowd it appeared to have went over well. It was toward the end of their set when many people got into it as they were only familiar with the radio hits. After this performance they definitely gained some new fans.




The last remnants of daylight were showing through as we were given a glimpse of the evenings setlist which heightened my excitement even more as they would begin with “Toys In The Attic”. This was going to be one killer show. As we got in position the intro began and the band I have wanted to see since I first saw the video for “Let The Music Do The Talking” were seconds away from taking the stage.

As Tyler and Perry took to the stage the crowd went wild. The moment had finally arrived and many were probably still somewhat skeptical on how Steven’s voice would hold up but once he belted out the first few words all doubt’s were lost. The former ‘Toxic Twins’ headed down the ramp out into the audience and as Joe passed by you couldn’t help but take notice of the NL Flag hanging out of his back pocket. A fine gesture indeed. They both were in fine form and Tyler’s looked to be having a great time while Perry looked quite serious and concentrating on his playing. Tyler did ham it up for the camera’s a bit and Joe came over and played away making sure we all got a decent shot or two. Bassist Tom Hamilton came partway out the ramp a couple of time but tended to stick to the main stage and rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford never ventured from the main portion of the stage.

The setlist was comprised of mainly older tunes which suited this Aerofan quite well as I never was a huge fan of the post 80’s Aerosmith output although PUMP and GET A GRIP had their moments. For me the edge was lost with too many ballads. This show focused on the classic Rock tracks with the new single and a track from the upcoming album added in. This was a near perfect mixture of old and new. A few complaints from some people in the audience as they never did “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and they were unfamiliar with a lot of the songs. With a history of nearly 40 years they cannot play everything. For myself the only song I wasn’t familiar with was “Oh Yeah” from the upcoming album.

The band appeared to be quite relaxed for this performance but still giving it their all which was demonstrated by Steven Tyler’s consistent stage movements along with Joey Kramer’s drum solo in which he did a portion of it sans sticks with just his bare hands. Tyler’s voice was in great shape and held up quite well for the entire show. As mentioned previously there were many that were worried if he would even be there due to show having to be postponed earlier in the tour. Joe Perry never missed and was beyond amazing. His playing was deadly, there is no other way to describe it. Partway through the show Steven asked the audience in local slang; “How’s ya gettin’ on me ol’ cock?” which garnered great applause and approval. He then addressed the people in the Beer Garden asking if this was the ‘Hunger Games’ as they were behind a giant chain link fence (It is a softball field that was converted for the event). He then proceeded to tell them to tear the fence down. Tyler did the beginning of “What It Takes” solo which was quite different from the studio version we are all familiar with. During “Sweet Emotion” the crowd really got into it as this previous couple of songs were not huge radio hits and many there were only familiar with the radio songs. This was followed by “Walk This Way” which made the crowd go nuclear and even wilder for  “Dream On” which brought out a sea of cell phones. What happened to the days of Zippo and Bic lighters? For “Dream On” Tyler played a white baby grand that was brought out to the end of the catwalk complete with steps for Joe to walk up and play atop of. Tyler also had his turn atop the piano before the short 2 song encore was done and the smoke machines filled the air.


The band made their way to the center of the main stage and band introductions were done. Joe Fuckin’ Perry as he was introduced took to the mic to introduce Tyler and then address the massive crowd that they would be having Smoked Salmon, Salmon Sushi, Salmon Martini’s, and whatever Salmon dish they could tonight while he sipped on what appeared to be a non-alcoholic Beck’s. Tyler then took the mic and said “Good Night and Long may your big jib draw”, and walked off to massive crowd approval.

Toys In The Attic

Love In An Elevator

Back in The Saddle

Living On The Edge


Oh Yeah

Last Child

-Drum Solo-



What It Takes

Legendary Child

No More No More

Sweet Emotion

Walk This Way


Dream On

Train Kept A Rollin’

Cheap Trick Setlist

Hello There

Elo Kiddies

California Man

Ain’t That a Shame

Sick Man of Europe


High Roller

She’s Tight

Need Your Love

I Know What I Want


The Flame

I Want You to Want Me

Dream Police


Thanks to Angela DiCorpo at IMC for Media and Show access.

Uncle Kracker pics: