GOJIRA @ 02 Islington Academy

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Gojira @ 02 Islington Academy

27th June 2012

Review and Photography by Ashlinn Nash

Tonight is a night full of anticipation, due to the headliners, Gojira having released a latest offering “l’enfant sauvage” (Wild child in English), which is a fresh from the press slab of genius; tonight’s focus is on the new selection of ear candy treats from both bands!

With support to night from the home grown, quintet The Safety fire, who’s Album “Grind the Ocean” came out earlier in the year. Set to be a night of new materials from both bands all delivered to us in the modest 02 Islington academy, the headliners are a band no stranger to intimate shows, this is set to be a delight for all the senses.

There is a certain buzz of excitement as The Safety Fire [3.5/5] broach the stage with the pressure to perform being the only support band tonight, as they deliver some interesting technically driven riffs.

The crowd seem to get the band after about two songs of flavour filled samples of what the band are capable of are delivered seamlessly to them. Playing new songs such as “floods of colour” and “huge hammers” from  latest album “Grind the ocean”,  gathers both enjoyment and excitement among the crowd, as the UK five-piece deliver with perfection.

With an active singer who bounds into the crowd, the reputation of this band having a lively performance is ringing true. 

They are an exciting band with a fresh fore-fronted with charismatic styles of Djent and experimental crossovers combined to create layers of eclectic musical tunes.

Overall, The safety fire a band that are a technically delightful appetiser for the headlining band, delivering flowing sonic geometrical patterns.

Gojira [4.5/5] are the band set to reassemble the foundations of the venue for tonight’s texture flamboyance of musical kinetics. 

The jaw-dropping complexity of genius that is renowned as the thrill ride that is Gojira’s live performance here tonight is no different, with the stripped down attire with pure black uniforms and no background set the precedence of no airs and graces from the French four piece.

Opening tonight’s proceedings with “Spacetime” opens the first wave of crowd movement for the band instant pit hit with the quick seamless flow into “heaviest matter in the universe” sending the crowd into a frenzy of pit-happy punters. Stopping momentarily, to banter before breaking into “backbone” a song  which upholds its reputation of being one of their best lives songs, with the build up to the wretched breakdown which heightens the energy of the audience.  

The throttle of the bands energy is undisputable with such a strong stage persona that grips even no believers into the magnetism of the bands straight to the point death metal.


The set list tonight combines the well known with brand new with lavish lyric themes ranging from social issues to debatable environmental subjects that are delivered in such a way they make you shut up and listen.

Ending with an encore of latest slice “The Axe” which a appetizing delight for later listens of the newest album. Closing with “The way of all Flesh” number “Oroborus” which has quickly become a classic from the album, leaves the audience in awe, sweating and thoroughly enjoying the success of tonight’s grandeur.

Overall, tonight’s performance is one of ravage riffs and mind crunching harmonies, along with a constant surge of electric charge from the Bayonne Four piece. Mixed with divine beautification of extreme metal precision, combining the vocals of Joe, who sounds like an angered mythological being in places and with the pure auxiliary of the adrenaline army behind him makes for a truly superb evening. They are indeed one of the heaviest matters in the universe!