GODSMACK Ft: The Defiled @ HMV Forum

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Godsmack Ft: The Defiled

@ HMV Forum, Kentish town

20th June 2012

Reviewed by Wolf Shankland

Photography by Andre Purvis

Jesus, it’s been a while since I’ve been to this venue! I came here when it was just the Kentish Town Forum; I think I was 17/18 when I came here to see “In Flames” supported by the mighty “Sepultura” and what a gig that was!! I remember getting my eyebrows singed off by the amount of pyrotechnics they flew about!! Mad.

But tonight I’m here to see one hell of a band, a band that may even out do my last experience here, “GODSMACK” and it’s their only UK performance as they head out on what looks like one hell of a tour going through Paris all the way to Germany! And what a crowd, with a mixture of cyber Goth and pure Texan style metal heads running around with their cowboy hats yelling Godsmack at the top of their lungs! Excitement filled the air tonight!!

As the doors opened and the fans took to the merch stands our opening act took to the stage. “The Defiled” blasted on with guns a blazing!

These boys hailing from London have had an amazing year this year so far, and why the fuck not?! They’re are a groove laden, tech metal band with a shock factor!

Stitch D really knows what he’s doing tonight, he was in control, and so he should, after getting the award for “Best new band” at the Metal Hammer Golden God awards 2012, and to be honest they deserve it.


With the return of Needles on drums, the band was on fire.

Opening up with the fan favourite “Call to Arms” the crowd roared with excitement!!

The chorus opening up the room with shouts and noises from the crowd. Yep, these guys had the crowd eating out of their hands. The AvD, keyboardist and backing vocals, has a reputation for being one of the craziest members of the band; see him at any gig or photo shoot and he’s the one pulling faces, and tonight he did just that, really getting the crowd in on his crazy antics, pulling faces at the crowd as well as throwing his keyboard and catching it as if it weighed nothing!!

Following “Call to Arms” were three songs from their debut album Grave Times “Black death” and “Blood Sells” created a creepy environment to the room, as a pair of masked women stalking the members of the band, however, they found their targets in Vincent and KK Curse as the masked women slashed their throats, spraying fake blood all over an unsuspected first row, fucking genius.

Now was a new track for their fans, new and old, “As I Drown” AND THIS WENT DOWN A TREAT!

A great penultimate track as they drew to a close, announcing their final track of the night, the crowd favourite “The Resurrectionists”.

To be honest, with the show these guys have put on and the energy from the crowd, I really wanted to see more of them! What a bunch of showmen!!

Coming from literally no where with their EP 1988 to their smash Grave times I can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for us!!


1.    Call to Arms

2.    Black death

3.    Blood sells

4.    As I drown (New song)

5.    The Resurrectionists

So excited right now!!! I’m with this crowd, I fucking love Godsmack and have to see them live for so long…and tonight is the night!

Beers in hand, good friends and an epic crowd, the lights dim as For those about to rock (we salute you) by legends ACDC plays over the speaks.

Then in a shower of light, “Godsmack” take to the stage with the blistering Straight out of line from hit album Faceless and the crowd start!! Hair flying through the air, my drinks knocked out my hand (totally worth it)


Following that track is no problem from these Boston bound Hard rock, alternative group.

With track Re-align pounding through the air, it was a good opener from the one of the favourites and title track Awake, Sully leaving the crowd to sing along to the melodic chorus of this blistering track, and already the pits have opened up in front of me! Cowboy hats are flying through the air!! Yep, this is one hell of a happy crowd.


Next up are tracks Vampires, The Enemy and Forever shamed, each one receiving the screams of adoration from the crowd.


Sully really appreciated all the support the crowd was giving them, stating that it had been such a long time that they had been over here in the UK,  and announced the next set of songs are from their 2010 studio album The Oracle!

First of is the blistering title track The Oracle which had the crowd ready for the massive Crying Like a Bitch and I have to say, awesome!So many people just screaming “CRYING LIKE A BITCH!” filling the room!! It was awesome to hear the word BITCH flood my ear drums!!


Now was an amazing song from the self titled album, and Sully had a few surprises in store for his fans after this track, Keep away blared out of the amps and speakers, the crowd roared as the music changed from Keep away to “QUEENS” We will rock you! Amazing!!! But even better… Sully began playing the opening to “PANTERA’S” Walk!! HAHAHA, AWESOME!!

The crowd screaming and whistling as Sully quickly switched back to Keep away!! When the song finally ended, the crowd raised the hands and clapped, filling the room with an array of noises!! Now we’ve come the final three tracks. Speak, Love Hate Sex Pain, and Voodoo, three amazing tracks expanding their career before ending the set with the wicked Whatever. The drums pounded as Sully said his goodbyes and walked off the stage with a wave and many thanks. “Godsmack” had finished and what an amazing set it was! Can’t wait to see them again…

Which is NOW as the crowd roar them back on stage, and like The Sarge ordering his platoon, they came back!!

Wow, what an encore! The beautiful Serenity (acoustic) filled the room, calming this massive horde down, lighters and mobile phones in the air as the room began to sway back and forth, and now Sully announces that this next track is definitely the final track of the night (stupid curfew) but they saved the best till last as the massive I Stand alone flooded the room!

This was a massive hit when it was released back in 2002 and was used for the action film featuring the Rock “Scorpion King” and even tonight, its one of the best songs played all night and is definitely one way to end an amazing set!! COME BACK SOON!!!


1.    Straight out of line

2.    Re-align

3.    Awake

4.    Vampires

5.    The Enemy

6.    Forever Shamed

7.    The Oracle

8.    Cryin Like A Bitch

9.    Keep away (with We will rock you by Queen and Walk by Pantera interludes)

10.    Speak

11.    Love Hate Sex Pain

12.    Voodoo

13.    Whatever

14.    (Encore) Serenity

15.    I Stand Alone

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