FEAR FACTORY @ Camden Underworld

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Fear Factory @ Camden Underworld

Thursday 7th June 2011

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There were only two words I was singing today & that was FEAR FACTORY!!!!

I have LOVED this band for more years than i’d like to remember and was abit too excited by seeing them tonight and by the looks of the huge queue already forming by the door, it looked like I wasn’t the only one!

On arrival to the Underworld I was in total shock to see there were BARRIERS infront of the stage! Why oh why can’t you lovely Underworld people do this for us photographers in all your gigs? Do you not know how hard it is to risk life and limb to snap these bands playing at this venue and the only time you do this the management are refusing all photo-passes for the night, but least it meant the bands could play in peace without fear of insane fans stage diving, which occurs often at this venue!

I have to say I was disappointed seeing the support bands tonight so decided to hit the bar and fill up with beer so they could be tolerated.

First on was Hang the Bastard…I kinda wished they’d hang the female vocalist!

Wasn’t the vocalist meant to be a guy?

If I’m correct the London band were formed in the 2007 in London, England and they had the idea to create something completely new and different, and to be honest their previous material I heard I actually liked so was looking for seeing these guys but the band have recently announced they have parted ways with the previous vocalist or am I just getting totally confused here?

I mean, who was this small teenage looking girl who came on stage with her tight jeans and pumps with microphone in hand?

I had no idea who the vocalist was or what had happened to the band but to me this was a total disappointment.

I thought this band would be thrash/hardcore but after seeing their set tonight their sound has changed too much making me feel like it’s all too familiar and sounding all pretty much the same out there.

Don’t get me wrong the band play well and and seemed to create some good energy tonight as the fans start to fill the venue but for me this was just too much ‘core’ and after a few songs I decided to go back to the bar.

I’m so over this genre and it bores me senseless.

Their songs all sounded the same with the same hardcore/metalcore influences that I hear every day and with Fear Factory being such a well known industrial metal band I was hoping for a more enthusiastic line up tonight.

Infact standing outside for awhile I could a lot of fans saying the same thing with a lot of them surprised with the line-up and sounding extremely disappointed.

No offence to the band but this is one genre I can’t stand and I myself was pleased when their set came to an end and more disappointed with the vocals tonight than anything else, as the music itself wasn’t so bad.

Next on was October File.

The venue was pretty full now already as this band took to the stage.


These guys were much heavier, with a deeper sound than the previous one, which I liked and put me back in good spirits.

At first there seemed to be little excitement over this band but they were full of energy and after afew tracks the crowd warmed to them with as few heads were banging!

So, even with a slow start the venue became filled with energy and got a good crowd reaction.

They played a good solid set with great vocals from Ben Hollyer, aswell as the other guys ,Matt Lerwill on Guitar, Steve Beatty on Bass and John Watt who was on Drums and really shone in afew of their songs, showing what an impressive drummer he is!

The band as a whole play really tight and have great stage presence, with their set coming to an abrupt end and singing songs against the Government and mainstream and working the 9-5pm with Ben interacting and talking to the crowd through, esp about sucking the ‘Corporate Cock’ to the amusement of the fans but leaving them wanting more, which is always a good sign!

These guys were really great live!

Finally THIS was the band everyone was waiting for FEAR FACTORY!

Even before these guys came on stage there was a massive burst of everyone running and squeezing in at the front and I swear they could’ve have fitted in one other person in this sell out show tonight.

Im glad I arrived early and found my lil spot in the corner away from the insane, but much loving crowd tonight, as the whole venue seemed to just come alive!

I’ve seen many bands play here but this was the first time I’ve seen the barriers and tonight they were definitely needed.

There was a massive cheer as the guys came on stage, with everyone screaming before they even began to play!


On  stage tonight was new bassist Matt DeVries from bands Chimaira and most recently Six Feet Under. We managed to meet up with the guys earlier before the doors opened and it was a pleasure to meet them. Matt jokingly said that as he himself was such a great fan of Fear Factory he thought it was a joke when the guys asked him to join!

It was so great seeing all the members on stage tonight Dino Cazares (guitar) Burton C. Bell (vocals) alongside Stroud (credited on the last three albums and also toured and recorded with Strapping Young Lad and Zimmers Hole) aswell as drummer Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel, Death, Testament).

It is no wonder these guys were selling out tickets on this tour!

I myself was a little over excited seeing these guys, especially as they played some well loved and well known tracks tonight, aswell as some new ones from their album ‘The Industrialist’…how can we forget that was Burton making the crowd say it over 20times so it stuck in our heads, ready to buy at the merch stall when we left!

It was clear these guys were knackered tonight as they said earlier they had been driving all day just to get here and as soon as tonight was over it was straight back on the road to drive to Download Festival, but despite this the guys all played well and the energy here tonight was immense and filled with passion.

The venue was so packed the crowd were unable to start a mosh pit…despite their efforts and I have to say I have never seen the place so rammed with fans but with such great energy it was a totally mad but amazing experience seeing this much loved band back on stage…

I hope to see them again soon!

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