WORMROT @ The Unicorn, Camden

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Wormrot @ The Unicorn, Camden

9th June 2012

Review and Photography by Ashlinn Nash


The Singaporean Grindcore legends are back in London, within the venue of the Unicorn Camden, anticipation is growing for the speed aggression masters Wormrot who tonight are accompanied by some of the UK’s finest Grindcore outfits from across the map.

Starting off tonight are the four  piece Atrocity Exhibit- (3.5/5) from Milton Keynes.


The guys warm the audience up by playing 12 songs of grind/ death fusions which sound like an epitome of anger.

The band has mastered the idea of combining the aesthetics of songs no longer than two minutes, with use of plenty of feedback.

Through the set the combination of death groove with Grindcore, is ever prevalent making for a very enjoyable opening band who appeals to the crowd with good fun interactions between tuning.

“We have 4 songs to play and 5 minutes to do it” to finish off an impressive opener.

Oblivionised [3.5/5] combines the metal stylings of Decide with the fire power of fused with decapitated plus own styling to compliment.

As the set progressed into a more tech-based feel with the sub-fusions of grind as well.

The crowd get more into the set. With the precision playing of songs from ‘Abhorrent Evolution’ which pleases the very hungry crowd, to which lap up the excellent cuts from the band.

Who’d energetic crowd interaction set is a fine display of adrenaline from the London based four-piece.

Moving onto Exeter’s Human Cull [4/5] arrive with little time before they are into the technical mass up of stomping riffs and crowd movement.

Opening the first pit of the night the entire floor space of the unicorn is now a angry frenzy of people.

Songs such as “Modern Slavery” send the crowd into a united hypnosis that sends blast beats through the air.

Barely stopping in between songs, tonight’s set is a tight unit of power through making for an auditory pleasing melt.

South Wales outfit Atomck [3/5] come to the stage with the groundwork from the previous bands the expectations are high for them.

As they move through the vocal styles of incomprehensible growls with bursts of chaotic blasts and crazy layering, making for engaging music that’s not as easily accessed as the previous bands.  

With a more groove quick tempo and crowd interacting.

The audience soon get into the set as it progressed, even if it was only fifteen minutes long.

Grindcore is a genre that requires raw and aggressive power, that when done well can crash foundations of the venue. Combining faster than lightning onslaughts of auditory delights tonight is no exception as the bill lead by longstanding veterans of the genre Wormrot [4/5].

Taking the stage with drum tight skill and manic melodies of the perspiration precision delivering an onslaught sound wall of early pioneers of the genre’s influence, with added pints of aggression create tonight’s sound from the Singaporean three piece.

Angry music for angry people with erosive vocal lines and bombastically quick sludgy descents and ascends through the set.

Taking the obscenity of grind and groove being perfectly combined the set utilises the strength of the bands powerhouse linguistics with songs such as “Smile” and tracks from newest album “Dirge” falls into the moshing ears pleasing the audience.

Tonight the use of songs laced with sprawling, packed to the brim with anger noise, all compacted into a minimal twenty five minutes!