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@The Borderline, London

Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Review by Sabrina Dersel

Photography by Andre Purvis

Tonight at The Bordeline in London, it’s all about “WHISKY, BEER AND BITCHES”!

I am only quoting a song from Viking Skull and it sums up perfectly the soon-to-die-for hangover!

Generation Graveyard is opening for the crazy night to come. Self described as “Self Destructive Mutant Junk N Roll death punk”, this five piece band from London rocks out ragged punk’n’roll tracks.

Their wardrobe style is to die for, they have a certain presence on stage and you just have to look and listen to them.

Unfortunately I arrived late and just in time to catch afew songs but our photographer was unable to shoot.

Following the launch gig of their full length album “A Broken State Of Bliss” a few weeks ago, The Mercy House are back in the house and are going to rock your sock off.

Having won audiences over across the country with their unique brand of alternative heavy rock and one of the most energetic live shows around, the band is now poised to strike at the heart of the rock scene with an iron fist.

The London based rock band is always a pleasure to see live,they are so energetic,it blows your mind away.



Drew on vocals is as always strong and precise,Danny,Dan and W.R on guitars and bass gives heavy rock&roll riffs,all in great synchro with the pounding of Nick on the drums.

Sadly they get their shortlist cut off one song,as time is running out.That’s it,time is time and The Borderline is square with this.Many are booing.

I am told by a fan (Alex Palmer from Seventh Circle Artworks Jewellery) that Viking Skull is “The ultimate Metal band singing about Drugs,Whisky, Beer and Bitches, they were born in Hell!”…and he is goddamn right!


Viking Skull is a 5-piece heavy metal band who was formed in 2002, by Raging Speedhorn members Gordon Morison, Darren Smith and Frank Regan, along with their Guitar Tech, Roddy Stone, and Merchandiser, Waldie.


The line up is now composed of Roddy Stone doing vocals and guitar,Dom Wallace on lead guitar, Rich Vose on guitar, Waldie on bass and Jess Margera for the drums.

In 2005, the band released their first full length album “Born In Hell”. Later that year, Television and Skateboarding Personality, Bam Margera, asked Viking Skull to include one of their songs on his compilation cd “Viva La Bands”. The band agreed and “Skull Heaven”was included.

They open with a screaming and ready to party crowd, launching the alcohol-fueled riffs of “Crank The Volume”.


This is music to drink and raise Hell to!! Their sound would totally fit Bikers movie and tv series of the like of SOA.

Vocalist Roddy Stone asks us “Who s getting drunk tonight?” and receive a massive yeah back from the already sweaty and beer smelling crowd!


The rest of the gig is a full force heavy sound,with Tshirt less guys of all shapes moshing and partying hard. What a night & not one that should’ve been missed!

Set List:

Crank The Volume

Beers, Drugs and Bitches

Blackened Sunrise

Five fingers of steel

This is the end

Born in hell

Wizards sleeve

2nd Left On Harris

Hair Of The Dog

Machine Gun Honey

Red Hot Roman


Can’t kill Rock n Roll

Skull heaven