A&R/Product Manager Paul Gargano On Legal Battle Over QUEENSRŸCHE Name – “The Injunction Was To Protect The Future Value Of The Queensrÿche Brand”

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It was recently reported by Billboard.com‘s Christa Titus that QUEENSRŸCHE defeated a motion for a preliminary injunction on July 13th that would have kept it from touring and operating under the band name. This was exclusive information issued to Billboard by AGPS Management senior manager Glen Parrish. The act is defending a complaint filed by former singer, GEOFF TATE, in a Washington state court over whether he should be awarded the Queensrÿche name after being expelled from the group in June.

According to an updated report from Titus, Paul Gargano – A&R/product manager for InsideOut Music and Century Media Records in North America – had signed a declaration in favor of the preliminary injunction being granted until litigation ceases. InsideOut announced June 25th that Tate had signed a solo deal with the label. According to Tate’s declaration in support of the injuction, Queensrÿche is no longer on Roadrunner Records, which released its last album, 2011’s Dedicated to Chaos.

Asked if he wanted to elaborate on his declaration, Gargano wrote in an email to Billboard: “I would like to clarify something extremely important that is being overlooked by everyone, including Billboard: The injunction did not just prevent the three defendants from touring as Queensrÿche until the claim is settled; it prevented both parties from touring as Queensrÿche until the claim is settled. This is critical, because the intention of the injunction — as well as my declaration — was not to prevent Scott, Michael and Eddie from making a living. The intention of both was to protect the future value of the Queensrÿche brand by eliminating the possibility of there being multiple versions of Queensrÿche. Not only did the judge deny the injunction on Friday, she also urged and encouraged that there should be two Queensrÿche bands moving forward — which is precisely what the injunction was intended to avoid.”

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