WORMROT Interview

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Wormrot Interview

with vocalist Arif, guitarist Rasyid, and drummer Fit

9th June 2012

at The Unicorn, London, UK

Interview by Ashlinn Nash


Wormrot are a prestigious band know for their fast shows, energetic performances and I managed to catch up with the guys for a quick interview with Vocalist – Arif, Guitarist – Rasyid and Drummer – Fit before they went on stage tonight!


Hey guys, thanks for joining us tonight, firstly how did you guys form?

Rasyid: we started back in 2007, right after my National service, I met him (points to Arif), that’s it.


Grindcore is a very specific genre was this a conscious “we want to make it this genre” or did it develop with the band over time?

Rasyid:  we wanted to make a death/grind band but somehow I don’t play that well in the genre, because I just did punk riffs and it became Grindcore through that. Then these two came into the picture, and then their playing styles are more punkish so we just go with that, but faster.

How’s the UK been treating you on this tour?

Rasyid: I mean so far it’s been ok, the weather is kinda crazy, at least it’s not snowing (laughs)

What’s been the best gig so far?

Rasyid: Not sure but yesterday was a good gig, we played Cardiff in Wales, it was kinda crazy very small crowd, very small space. Smaller than tonight’s venue, pretty mad.

Who would you love to tour with?

Arif: The Afternoon gentlemen, they’re from the UK, they’re a really cool grind band from here, we would love to tour with them and bands like any bands we listen to really. Hopefully soon given the chance, we’ll see. 

Which country would you say has the best crowd?

Arif: Country? That’s tough

Rasyid: The last time we went to Spain was crazy.

Arif: Czech Republic is very crazy!

Most people say places like Asia or South America are Craziest

Arif: There is this festival called obscene extreme, and that’s over in Czech Republic it’s an amazing festival. We enjoyed that very much.


What have you got planned tour wise for the future? You planning on writing a new EP/Album and then tour?

Arif: Actually this tour is going to be our last tour, for a few years. Just for a few years because we have to settle some shit back home, we have some military stuff going on and we have to find a new job. As we have jobs at home in-between touring to stabilise our income. We’re still writing new materials for the upcoming stuff, keeping ourselves busy.

Rasyid: I was working, I quit it after about three years of doing the same thing so this is my first time of being jobless. So when we go back new job.

Arif: Before every tour we quit our jobs, and then find new ones, that’s why after this tour we’re going to take a long break. In two or three years we’ll be back defiantly.

What are your influences?

Rasyid: I always consider myself a Metallica fan so defiantly in there, James Hetfield is one of my heroes (imitates his voice).

Arif: I mean we listen to different types of genre, we don’t only stick to Grindcore we can’t be 24/7 Grindcore that can be very samey. So we kinda listen to everything,  Hip-Hop,  he (points to Fit) listens to deathcore, (points to Rasyid) listens to pop punk I listen to R&B and Hip Hop so whatever works. The only thing we don’t listen to is Dubstep, Fuck that (laughs).

Rasyid: Negura grind, insect warfare, I ripped some of the riff off of them, I kinda worked on my main influences style and made them into Wormrot.

Arif: Vocal wise, it’s pretty much, insect warfare. With the new songs, there is a lot of like slow paced kinda songs, I tried to incorporate a new kind of vocals. I do four styles of vocals, I try to experiment with them all, to make different kinds of songs.

Fit: I’m mostly into punk rock, old blink 182, xdx, not into Grindcore then really. The first real Grindcore I heard was through them (points to other two) and then through this I started to play Grindcore and like it, before that I knew nothing about it at all.


What are your lyrics mainly about?

Arif: Social issues, not necessarily very gloomy lyrics. We kinda think this is more of a joke like entertainment for us, experience wise with the whole thing. I also wrote lyrics about our past tours our experience of all the good times and all the bad times too.

If you with all of the experience you have now, tell yourself, back at the start of it all some advice what would you say?

Arif: (laughs) Nobody’s asked that question before, nice one

Rasyid: I wouldn’t tell myself anything because I’d want myself to experience it all myself really. So just do the learning process again really.

What advice would you give to a new band starting out?

Rasyid: I guess the usual, don’t give up, and follow your dreams kinda thing bit cliché.

Arif: But it’s all true.

What’s next for Wormrot?

Rasyid: we try to have bigger plans but I guess we’ll still be playing the same stuff, really short stuff. We won’t change much.

What can we look forward to with the show tonight?

Arif: We’ll be playing for thirty five minutes, we’ll be playing twenty plus songs, trying to stop as minimum as possible, just the usual Grindcore stuff.

The band had to go and Sound Check, but next time they’re on these shores definitely checking them out.