WINTERSUN: Third “In-Studio” Video Posted!

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The Finnish legends WINTERSUN have posted the third studio trailer for their upcoming epic melodic metal milestone Time I. Check it out here:


The first parts can be seen at the links below:

Part I

Part II

The new album Time I will be released October 12 (Europe) and October 23, 2012 (North America) via Nuclear Blast.

Time I track listing:

1. When Time Fades Away

2. Sons of Winter and Stars

I Rain of Stars

II Surrounded by Darkness

III Journey Inside a Dream

IV Sons of Winter and Stars

3. Land of Snow and Sorrow

4. Darkness and Frost

5. Time

When WINTERSUN released their self-titled album in 2004, they were greeted with sheer euphoria: their rather original and gripping concoction of folklore elements, cold atmosphere and a solid base of sophisticated melodic death metal turned out to be an instant smash hit! Jari Mäenpää and co. played several more than successful tours and can claim the title as absolute genre legends to this very day!

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