I’ll Be Your Mirror 2012 SLAYER – Performing ‘Reign in Blood’ @ Alexandra Palace

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I’ll Be Your Mirror 2012

SLAYER – Performing ‘Reign in Blood’

Alexandra Palace, London

25th May 2012

Review by Wolf Shankland

Photography by  Michelle Murphy

SLAYER!!! Ah the sound of excited metallers from all around the UK, and why the fuck not! This is “Slayer” only UK performance this year and as a bigger surprise they’ll be playing their entire Reign in Blood album! FUCKING EPIC!

But today is a beautiful day for it. Thank God for once the British weather has finally come through on this most prestigious day!

Wow what a venue the Alexandra Palace is!

Yeah it’s a pain in the arse to get to, but they’ve really done their best for their patrons to get their quickly and comfortably to the venue with a mini bus that takes you too and from the arena for just £1!! Wicked!!

But for those that want to do the walk it only took 15 minutes, but to be honest, beer in hand and sun beating down I really didn’t care.

(Though I was running late because of work tonight)

Now for the venue, Alexandra palace is well recognised for its theatre style productions and concerts. ATP Productions try to hold as many summer events as possible and they do an amazing job. The stewards were always around to help, whether it was to find the loos to finding the bar! And even the bar was well organised.

People to serve the drinks and separate people who took the money.

As I walked into the venue I was taken away, it was massive, and packed!

A massive merch stall took up one corner as you walked in to the right, and a fountain took up a majority of the entrance plaza. Now signs clearly told you were everything was, so I went to the first stage.

Now unfortunately because of work I missed “A Storm of Light” sorry guys.

But I did get in just in time for “YOB!”

These guys were cool!

Interesting that most of the line up consisted of doom bands then end on a thrash band.

Now YOB hail from North America and have made a name for themselves in the Doom/stoner rock front and tonight I could see why!

This doom trio really rattled the rib cages of their crowd and tt’s rare to see a doom band rise so quickly from nothing and this band have really pushed the limits tonight.


Now I know these guys only have 3 songs on their set but it doesn’t matter seeing as each song is about 10 to 15 minutes long with drowning and heavy bass lines and loud crunchy guitar riffs, and not forgetting the groove thrown in there now and again!


As well as founder Mike Scheidt’s dark and heavy vocals through out the entire set really show the crowd how YOB got to where they are today!

So I was impressed with these guys from Oregon but it was time to move. [3/5]


Prepare the ground

Burning the Altar

Adrift in the Ocean

It was no surprise to see the main stage area was packed!

There were 3 different food carts doing a whole range of different food and a massive, but busy, bar area! So after queuing up for my beer, I made my way forward to watch “The Melvins”

Now this is one hell of a weird band!

First formed in 1983 by frontman Buzz Osborne and drummer Dale Crover, this band has risen through the ranks as one of the US’s strangest metal bands.

With a mixture or doom, stoner, punk and good old rock, this band have made their mark, especially as they have two drummers!

Now I’ve never seen these guys live before, but there was so much energy filling the room.

Sadly it was only from drummers Dale and Coady. Buzz and bassist Jared just stood in the same position for most of the set, I wasn’t really feeling the crowd participation but because of both drummers the crowd still enjoyed this set, as did I.

Listening to massive hits such as Manky, The war on wisdom, and was also fun to hear the band do a cover of the Wipers Youth of America.

All in all was impressed by the sound and the drummers energy. [3.5/5]


Hung Bunny

Roman Bird Dog

The Water Glass

Evil New God


A history of bad men

Youth of America (Wipers cover)

A Growing Disgust

The War on Wisdom

The Bit

Next are black metal icons “Wolves in the Throne Room”:

Now this is a black metal band with a twist!


When you think of black metal bands you think of black face paint of songs of blood and rape, but not these guys.

Aaron and Nathan Weaver are the founding, and only, members of “Wolves in the Throne Room” first formed in 2003 in Olympia, Washington created WITTR on the basis that their music would channel the energies of their northwest pacific roots.

You can hear with the sound of a droning guitar (from both members) and the drums playing via the PA in the background, though it’s Aaron who is the mastermind behind recording the rest of the instruments in the background (what a multi instrumentalist) each song lasted well over 10 minutes.

With Nathan’s drowned out screams, this was a definitely eerie atmosphere.

Now sadly, the downside to this set is indeed the atmosphere was eerie but too eerie, pitch black with the darkest blue light shining on the crowd, the poor photographers in the pit didn’t stand a chance, but still the music was impressive. [4/5]



Thuja Magus Imperium

Dea Artio

I Will Lay Down my Bones Among the Rocks and the Roots

Prayer of Transformation

Right back to the main stage and the penultimate act before our epic finale, this is “Sleep”:

Now the room began to fill up with this legendary stoner/doom group.


First formed in 1990 by Al Cisneros in San Jose from the band Asbestosdeath, the band began getting media and label attention early in their career, and to be honest you can see why with their set and the crowd.

With more droning guitar riffs from Matt Pike and Al’s impressive bass lines, the crowd really felt the energy in the air.

With Jason Roeder behind the drums they played massive hits such as the epic Dopesmoker Part 1 and 2 which had the crowd swaying along to Matt’s guitar playing. Then there was Sonic Titan and Dragonaut that really picked the crowd up.

Now this band have had its ups and downs with the band splitting back in 1998 till 2009 and the departure of Chris Hakius (Sleeps former drummer) but tonight this band show why they deserve the title of an epic doom/stoner band!!! [5/5]


Dopesmoker part1

Holy Mountain


Sonic Titan

From Beyond

Dopesmoker part 2

Now is the time for tonight’s Headliner!

People are running back from the smoking area for their final cigarettes of the evening and getting in the final one or two beers in as everyone bustles down the main hall as “SLAYER” take to the stage!!


If you missed tonights gig you are not worthy to call yourself a Slayer fan but if you weren’t able to make tonight then shame on you because this is a spectacle!!

The legendary thrash metallers opened with songs from the albums War painted Blood, Live Undead, Seasons in the Abyss and Show no mercy before the all familiar opening riff to legendary track ANGEL OF DEATH rings through the Palace!


The crowd goes fucking wild as Tom’s scream echoes through the hall!

A fitting roar to announce “We are now fucking playing the entire Reign in Blood album!” And the crowd goes truly ecstatic!!

With epic tracks from the legendary album, released back in 1986, like Criminally Insane, Jesus saves, Altar of sacrifice and Necrophobic The crowd roared along with Mr Tom whilst Kerry and Jeff shred away the ear drums of the crowd!

Now there was one hiccup tonight, as the track Reborn had to be played twice as there was a slight technical glitch during the song, so Tom thought “Fuck it, restart!” and Reborn began again! Epic!! These guys really know how to put on a show!

Following with the songs Epidemic and Postmortem the crowd knew what was coming next as they stop to gather their strength. They then came the thunder as Raining Blood began, as if a bolt of lighting hit the palace, Tom, Kerry and Jeff flying around the stage, showing the UK that even though they’re old now [lol], they’re passion in what they do still lives on through the music! And what compliments the sounds, why the earth shattering drumming from “God Father of the Double bass” (recently quoted) Dave Lombardo!!

It’s as if Thor himself is hammering at the door to get in (should’ve got your ticket earlier mate :p )

Now the lights go down as Tom says his Goodbyes… But we aren’t finished yet!!

As the metal hordes roar “SLAYER!! SLAYER!! SLAYER!!” like the Viking warriors who fought against the Anglo Saxons, we demanded more!

And Like the Gods they are they heard us!!!

Opening the encore with the blistering South of Heaven the crowd gave them their all! “Slayer” looked down from us from the stage like Odin in Valhalla, and smiled as they concluded their set with Snuff and the heavier than matter War Ensemble.

They were done!

We don’t know when Slayer will land on our shores again, all we knew as we headed back to the stations still on a metal high and this is one night that will always be remembered!

Now time to go home, and drink!! Slayer gets a massive [5/5] It’s SLAYER!!!


World Painted Blood

Psychopathy Red

Die by the Sword

(First time played since 2008)

Chemical Warfare

Hate Worldwide

Dead Skin Mask

Angel of Death

Piece by Piece

(First time played since 2009)


(First time played since 2009)

Altar of Sacrifice

(First time played since 2009)

Jesus Saves

(First time played since 2009)

Criminally Insane

(First time played since 2009)


(First time played since 2009)


(Played a second time due to a mess-up first time)


(First time played since 2009)


Raining Blood

South of Heaven


War Ensemble