UFO – The Chrysalis Years (1980 – 1986)

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The Chrysalis Years (1980 – 1986)

2012, Capitol Records

Rating: 4/5

Similar to last year’s 5 disc set of UFO’s 70’s output that incorporated Michael Schenker’s work, this years set combine all the ‘post-Schenker’ output recorded for Chrysalis. Both sets are similarly packaged and provide a fantastic value to the music fan.

Much like the first set this one includes many tracks that are available here for the first time on CD. Such tracks are single edits and live material for the most part. While this release is quite enjoyable it just doesn’t have that same musical quality that the 70’s era material had. It is just lacking slightly but it is still incomparable to the majority of the drivel that fills the Rock Radio Airways today. This is real music, played by real musicians. As I mentioned in last year’s review that the set was a perfect place to begin to check out the band and this is the perfect way to follow it up.

An excellent set of music and a ‘Must Own’ for any UFO fan. For those who got on board with the last set do yourself a favor and get this one as well. It is an excellent companion piece.

CD 1

1. Alpha Centauri

2. Lettin’ Go

3. Mystery Train

4. This Fire Burns Tonight

5. Gone In The Night

6. Young Blood

7. No Place To Run

8. Take It Or Leave It

9. Money Money

10. Anyday

11. Young Blood (7" Edit)

12. Hot ‘n’ Ready (Live In Cleveland, Ohio)

13. Lettin’ Go (BBC In Concert)

14. Young Blood (BBC In Concert)

15. No Place To Run (BBC In Concert)

16. Out In The Street (BBC In Concert)

17. Cherry (BBC In Concert)

18. Only You Can Rock Me (BBC In Concert)

19. Love To Love (BBC In Concert)

CD 2

1. Mystery Train (BBC In Concert)

2. Doctor Doctor (BBC In Concert)

3. Too Hot To Handle (BBC In Concert)

4. Lights Out (BBC In Concert)

5. Rock Bottom (BBC In Concert)

6. Chains Chains

7. Long Gone

8. The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent

9. It’s Killing Me

10. Makin’ Moves

11. Lonely Heart

12. Couldn’t Get It Right

13. Profession Of Violence

14. Lonely Heart (7" Edit)

CD 3

1. The Writer

2. Somethin’ Else

3. Back Into My Life

4. You’ll Get Love

5. Doing It All For You

6. We Belong To The Night

7. Let It Rain

8. Terri

9. Feel It

10. Dreaming

11. Heel Of A Stranger

CD 4

1. Blinded By A Lie

2. Diesel In The Dust

3. A Fool For Love

4. You And Me

5. When It’s Time To Rock

6. The Way The Wild Wind Blows

7. Call My Name

8. All Over You

9. No Getaway

10. Push, It’s Love

11. Everybody Knows

12. When It’s Time To Rock (7" Edit)

13. We Belong To The Night (Live At Hammersmith)

14. Let It Rain (Live At Hammersmith)

15. Couldn’t Get It Right (Live At Hammersmith)

16. Electric Phase (Live At Hammersmith)

17. Doing It All For You (Live At Hammersmith)

CD 5

1. This Time

2. One Heart

3. Night Run

4. The Only Ones

5. Mean Streets

6. Name Of Love

7. Blue

8. Dream The Dream

9. Heavens Gate

10. Wreckless

11. The Chase

12. Night Run (US Remix)

13. Heavens Gate (US Remix)

14. One Heart (US Remix)