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Suffocation w/ Cerebral Bore

@ Camden Underworld

13th March 2012

Review by Wolf Shankland

Photography by Michelle Murphy

I love coming to Camden Town! The market stalls make it the perfect opportunity to try out your haggling techniques and with the random people walking past you asking for shrooms or weed, *breathes in* I’m home!

Tonight I came to the illustrious Camden Underworld, a little big venue that makes you feel like you’ve fallen into a dark world belonging to mole people… they’re coming! But tonight it’s home to death metal legends Suffocation as well as a whole host of brutal bands whose main goal is blow to your minds.


So let’s begin…unfortunately due to trying to sort out an interview with “Cerebral Bore” we missed Carceri. So we waited…and waited… and waited for “Cerebral Bore” to arrive on the stage. 5:30pm starting turned out to be a 6pm start for UK brutal death metallers “Cerebral Bore” which would mean the bands following them would feel the pressure of time.

Even though they were half hour late on the stage, “Cerebral Bore” put on a hell of a set. With the lush Som growling down the vocals, and I do believe she’s improved a hell of a lot!



Opening with “Maniacal Miscreation” then hammering through half of the album of said namesake but afterwards they followed with brand new track “Horrendous Acts of Iniquity” which really turned heads! What an amazing song!!

Hair flying through the air, fists pounding, and Som just going mental on stage!

Go on girl, least you’re not hiding behind that baseball cap of yours anymore! After tonight’s little snippet I really can’t wait to hear the new album from this group of brutal bastards!

But unfortunately with a time problem, “Bald Cadaver” had to be cut really sort, kind of them really seeing as this is truly their angriest song from their career. Finally a quick run through “24 year party dungeon” ended this bands brutal onslaught of a set. Well done guys, even if the time was not on your side.


Maniacal Miscreation

Mangled post Burial

Entombed in Butchered Bodies

Epileptic Strobe Entrapment

Horrendous Acts of Iniquity

The Bald Cadaver (cut down)

24 Year Party Dungeon

Now saying time wasn’t on my side, trust me it really wasn’t. I went for a cigarette quick dash to the loo and missed the first few songs from “Sadist” I was quite gutted to be honest because I do like the whole tech metal scene and “Sadist” were putting on quite a good so throwing keyboards and prog into the mix with seriously catchy guitar riffs, powerful bass lines and drums that will ring through your ears for the rest of the night!  A good replacement for the band “Hate” who pulled out of the tour last minute.


Quick, to the bar! This time thing really got on my nerves because the slightest thing and you’d missed the first few songs of the bands. So after a quick refreshment I managed to catch the opening for “Blood red Throne” who really blew me away. What a fucking brutal set from the lads!

With a “Cannibal Corpse” feel to the band and an attitude to boot, BRT really got this crowd moving as vocalist Yngve flew himself off the stage and into the pit, singing with the same power and energy as if he was on stage! Even with the time lapse, they really left their mark on this gig.

Next are “Cattle Decapitation” who, with the time, had to pretty much power through this one. This is a real shame because I know frontman Travis loves to have a giggle and chill with the fans between each song, but to be fair, they still put on an amazing set, the snare blasting through the entire set.

Now, New York metallers Suffocation are up next.

Now the guys sadly announced that Mr Mullen would not be joining at this show due to job and family commitments, but in his place, approved by Mullen himself is “Decrepit Birth” growler, Bill Robinson.

If you missed this show because Mullen wasn’t coming then shame on you fool as Bill filled in amazingly, filling in Mullens shoes beautifully.


Opening with “Thrones of Blood” the crowd opened up! The crowd was happy to see they had someone worthy to fill in for Mullen. They then continued to play hits such as “Catatonia” “Breeding the Spawn” and “Pierced from within”

Robinson speaks to the crowds between each song to say how honoured he is to be singing with the band that has inspired him so, but not to put the limelight on the frontman too much, you can’t beat the technicality and showmanship that is Suffocation!

Ending on “Infecting the Crypts” from the Human waste EP, Suffocation has really shown that being technical, brutal, and just plain in your face is still alive today!


Thrones of Blood

Effigy of the forgotten


Pierced from within

Liege of Inveracity

Abomination Reborn

Funeral Inception

Breeding the Spawn

Jesus wept

Torn into Enthrallment

Suspended in Tribulation

Infecting the Crypts

So all in all not a bad night!  We had a bit of hassle at the beginning trying to sort out Interviews with “Cerebral bore” and the sets being cut down due to lack of time, but the Underworld showcased some of the finest in brutal metal bands to date and can’t wait to see them again!



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