NAIL – The Rockhouse, St.John’s, NL June 2, 2012

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June 2, 2012

The Rockhouse, St.John’s, NL

Review by EvilG and Celtic Bob
Photos by Celtic Bob

Melodic hard rock/metalers NAIL returns to The Rock for the second time in their somewhat short history.

For Nails’ only NL show, they had local bands Wizards of Kaos and Category VI opening. WOK put on a  very tight performance and Category VI provided some enjoyable melodic metal (also a female fronted metal band…perhaps a first that we’ve had two metal bands on the same bill fronted by female vocalists here!).

It was too long of a gap between Nail’s last visit to NL. Since their last visit to the rock, the band has released their second album POWER AND GREED.

Some quick background – Nail are a London, Ontario based melodic metal / hard rocking band with some prog-tendencies. They have nods to bands like Black Sabbath, BLS, Tool, and with a huge heaping of their own identity. A Nail show on the rock is always a bit special as it’s sort of a “come home” gig. Two of the band’s members, Rainer Wiechmann (Guitars, Vocals) and Cindy Wiechmann (Lead Vocals) were both members of the locally well-known 80’s metal band KAOS that toured across the island and released a few albums. Sadly after Kaos fizzled away, we didn’t hear anything from them for about 20 years. Their first return to NL was a small show at in 2008, and now, finally, they came back for a bigger and better show at The Rockhouse! The Nail line-up is rounded out by Darcy (Bass) and Dale Penney (Drums) who incidentally played with Rainer and Cindy back in the pre-Kaos days then again in the Plain Jayne days.

The band had a very impressive stage introduction…something that I for one appreciate in a band. For smaller venues and bands, it’s not always possible to have as epic an introduction with such visuals, but the way the images and intro music built up, did help increase the excitement. The band came out on the stage (minus vocal goddess C). The intro song was “King of Fools” which is the opening track to their most recent album.

As like their last show, the band had choreographed video, images, and animation to their music. This time it was expanded and improved to the point that in at least one song (“Skin”) the video screen fully captured my attention!

Apart from the production the band were tighter than ever and Cindy just seemed to be having the time of her life up on the small stage. She was smiling from ear to ear and enjoying herself to the fullest. She captured everyone’s attention with her moves and personality but more importantly, her voice. Her vocals were spot on and she literally Nail’d it with each song.

Rainer, Darcy and Dale were in the zone and left the stage moves to Cindy and just concentrated on their playing which was very well executed. They played their instruments like the seasoned professionals that they have become in the short time that they have been together.

A fine setlist of almost every Nail song on both of their albums which was quite a treat for everyone. Let us hope that it is not that long of a gap before the next Nail show here again. 2007 interview with Nail

2004: An interview with Rainer Weichmann done while he
was a member of Helix…and before Nail began.

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