MICHAEL SCHENKER @ London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

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Michael Schenker @ London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

May 12th 2012

Review and Photos by Sabrina Dersel

OI! Oi!! Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is a lesson of how to Rock & Roll!

London is welcoming the legendary Michael Schenker, German rock guitarist, best known for his tenure in UFO. He first rose to fame as an early member of the Scorpions, then achieved fame in the mid 1970s as the lead guitar player for UFO.

He is the younger brother of Rudolf Schenker, who is still a guitarist with the Scorpions. His career has had many ups and downs, partly due to a long history of alcoholism and personal problems; still, Schenker continues to perform, record and to maintain a following.

The “Temple Of Rock” & Lovedrive Reunion Tour line up is touring Europe this year, featuring Doogie White (Ex-Rainbow ) on Vocals, Herman Rarebell (Ex-Scorpions) on Drums, Francis Buchholz (Ex-Scorpions ) on Bass and Wayne Findlay on Keyboards & Guitar.

The Sheperd’s Bush Empire venue is packed,with a crowd composed of every ages from their 20s to 60s. Because of some too common engineering works on the London tube, I arrived right on time for the headliner’s gig tonight.

Lights off…Michael and the other musicians arrive on stage.

Follows a beautiful guitar solo… Schenker’s main guitar for much of his career was a Gibson Flying V,which he proudly plays tonight.


In 2007 Dean Guitars, after producing a signature Schenker Dean V, also made two acoustic models with the familiar black and white "V" design.

Once singer Doogie White comes on stage,the party officially begins.”Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”, a song from their new album is played.


There is a lot of energy onstage. “In Sommerset we were too loud!” says Doogie.

He then asks for the lights up to see everyone in the audience, before the riffs of “Lights Out” resonate in the venue. Chorus sings “Lights Out London!”

“Please welcome Wayne Findlay” as Wayne goes on for a keyboards and guitar solo.

The “On and On” track is happily sung by the crowd,and supported by some beautiful guitar work.

“Are you ready to Roll” he says before starting song “Let It Roll”.

Then the song everybody must have been waiting for to hear, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” is brilliantly hymned by all of us, what a special moment!

In order to commemorate it, Herman Rarebell is on the drums giving the beat and Doogie is just happily singing with the crowd who can t stop clapping and shouting the fmous chorus lines.

Next is “Rock Bottom” with again some impeccable guitar work, with a solo lasting nearly ten minutes.

As every good thing as an end, the Encore starts with the classic “Holiday”.

Blue lights and disco ball effect are filling the venue.”Blackout” and the inevitable “Doctor Doctor” are closing up a memorable night of high music standard.

What a privilege to have assisted to this concert!

Last year, Michael celebrated his 40th jubilee as a recording artist.

Let’s wish him many more to come.


Into the Arena

Armed and Ready

Lovedrive (Scorpions cover)

Another Piece of Meat (Scorpions cover)

Cry for the Nations

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Coast to Coast (Scorpions cover)

Assault Attack

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

Lights Out (UFO cover)

On and On

Let It Roll (UFO cover)

Shoot Shoot (UFO cover)

Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions cover)

Rock Bottom (UFO cover)


Holiday (Scorpions cover)

Blackout (Scorpions cover)

Doctor Doctor