THE DEFILED INTERVIEW with Vincent Hyde [Bass]

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The Defiled Interview

with Vincent Hyde [Bass]

July 2012

Interview by Ashley Charles Blackblood

Hello, thanks for joining us today, would you like a beer!?

Vincent Hyde (V) Yeah, thanks man!

Aside from accepting alcohol from interviewers what do you do?

(V) Break shit! (Laughs) I play bass for “The Defiled”, I’ve actually been doing it for about 3 years now! (Smiles)

How does it feel to be in a professionally signed band?

(V) Pretty cool I guess! I dunno, it’s kinda weird you don’t really think about it. It’s more organised for one thing! And the shows are a lot bigger, at least now i know that the crowds will be decent y’know.  I’ve played a lot of dive gigs in the past, but met some of the coolest people there.

Who are you inspired by?

(V) Me personally, ‘Kiss’ ‘Gun ‘n’ Roses’, ‘Nine Inch Nails’. My favourites are always changing (laughs) but I look back to when i was a kid and those three have always been there. I don’t know I’m inspired by life. Yeah… (Deep pause) bitches and life (laughs)

What have you been listening to most lately?

(V) Shit erm… actually a lot of weird stuff, the Kinks! i love the kinks man, cant get enough! HAHA and Red Fang!

 When do you find is the best time to write music is?

(V) When you’re fucked up! (Laughs) It’s a night owl thing. Also, no-one’s around to disturb you y’know. I relate better to the darkness hahaha

I did some research, did you know that your porn-star name is "Bisquette LaBouche" what do you think of that?

(V) That’s pretty badass, you know.. I like it!!! Although I’ve been christened with another…"Lionel longhorn!" it was on the Jagermeister tour… at a cash machine in my underwear.  Its a long and horny story, but i think we all know why eh.. (Winks suggestively)


I hear you and another member of the band run your own alt clothing lines, is this true?

(V) Yeah yeah, mine is called ‘Vile attire’ I make custom alternative clothing for anyone that wants it, it’s all original and done by myself. Stitch-our singer and his wife run ‘Jane doe’ which is also really cool! I actually made a pretty cool ransom note type card for a fan the other day, they pledged towards our new album. We have a new video out too, only available to pledgers!

Most memorable gig?

(V) I think maybe Sonisphere; it was actually the first gig I played with the band and I completely lost my shit after 2 songs.. The sound wasn’t all that and I just thought fuck it lets go! I threw myself in to the crowd, and remember feeling hands in my pants… i thought people were trying to hang off my wiener

Define the term sexual harassment…

(V) I think i just did (Laughs) although; it’s different and somehow ‘OK’ when I do it to other people (Winks)

Would you care for another beer?

(V) Yeah in a sec (laughs) Ok…I’m not drinking as of tomorrow!

Good then just entertain me for 1 minute… I’m not going to talk…

(V) I can play a song for you!? It’ll be my biggest gig of the day!

 (I should point out that he has been sat in my bedroom strumming away on his Schecter throughout this interview)

“Mr Hyde it was a pleasure to meet you, congratulations on becoming a Metal Hammer ‘Golden God’ and on behalf of myself and, I thank you for your time”.

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