Outshine from Sweden part ways with vocalist Erlend Jegstad

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Dark Metal/Rock band OUTSHINE has issued the following statement :

“For quite some time there has been internal issues regarding the ambition, time, economy and overall direction of what Outshine should aim for in the future. This has now come to a point where we can´t collaborate any more.”

“Outshine: – We´ve been playing together for 7 years and have had some really great moments. The albums and tours has been amazing to do but now this all has come to an end. In order for Outshine to rather go forward than backwards this break-up is needed. We wish E.J. the best and hope everything goes well for him.”

The band, that will continue as a three-piece, is now in discussions with labels Rambo/Gain and Swedish (Dead Tree Music), Dutch (Metal Revelation / Marjo Verdooren) and American management (Indie 500 / Cameron Kellenberger) on how the band will continue with the release of the new album “Addiction”.

“Outshine: – We are focusing on putting together a plan on how we should continue with everything. It´s sad that we´ve ended up like this but we love playing music, we love playing in Outshine and we want to continue to evolve. We really hope to see you all out there on the road again!”

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