Rising folk metal kings, VANIR, releases their second album in September

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MIGHTY MUSIC is proud to announce the release of the rising Danish folk metal kings, VANIR’s, second album “Onwards Into Battle” September 10th 2012.

After the release of Særimners Kød in April 2011 things have gone quickly for the metal warriors of VANIR. With a long line of gigs throughout Denmark, with Copenhell, Aalborg Metal Festival, Grand Folk Metal Night, and Mighty fight night among them, a mighty following of brave Einherjer and Valkyries who have joined the band under their banner and message.

VANIR are now ready with the follow-up, “Onwards Into Battle”, which will be released on the 10th of September 2012. The theme is, of course, still the deeds of the Vikings as well as Norse mythology, but the band have turned the focus from the feasts around the tables of Valhalla to the field of battle, its bloody conflicts and great warriors.

Front vocalist Andreas Bigom: “Onwards Into Battle has been some time underway at this point. Many of the tracks were written and rehearsed during the time of our Danish tour last year, and when we agreed to hit the studio in April, this year, we suddenly got busy. After a good deal of contemplation and offers from different studios we decided to do the entire production of Onwards Into Battle with Berno Paulsson at Berno Studios in Malmö. It has, in every way, been a huge pleasure working with Berno; moods being high all around and Onwards Into Battle is, as we see it, our first big step into the wider world. For this reason, we have also chosen to write lyrics in both Danish and English, having experienced enthusiasm for the music in other countries as well.

“Onwards Into Battle is an attempt to bring the audience out of the warm taverns and into the field of war, filled with songs of heroes and epic battles. This also means that the universe of our lyrics, on some of the tracks, has become a great deal more of a theatrical interpretation of Norse mythology and history. There is, of course, still a lot of festive songs to be found on the album, as there was on Særimners Kød, but they have a more metal edge than they did on the first album.”


About the co-operation producer Berno Paulsson says:“When I was asked to record and produce the second album of Vanir I was thrilled. I almost immediately created a sound in my head and when I finally met Andreas and  the Songs where presented to me it all exceeded my expectations. Vanir is a very talented band and I’m looking forward to work with Vanir again.”
As on Særimners Kød there are no compromises with the melodic elements of the music. Since the first release, however, there has been an expansion of the band in the shape of Lasse Guldbæk Jensen on lead guitars, which has meant a new weapon with which to battle the Jötunn! This has, for “Onwards Into Battle”, meant a larger focus on the metal with the rumbling of the war drums, the thundering of the guitar and the epic solos for which metal is known.
Thus, with Onwards Into Battle, VANIR is ready to bring the brave Einherjer and Valkyries out of the warm taverns and into the field of battle to fight for a place in Valhalla, where the mead flows eternally.


Check out a sample here.



Onwards Into Battle

Release: September 10th 2012





01. Dark Clouds Gather

02. Onwards Into Battle

03. Thyrfing

04. By The Hammer They Fall

05. Tveskægs Hævn

06. Brigands of Jomsborg

07. Æresdød

08. Vinlandsfærd

09. Warriors of Asgard

10. Hlidskjalf Gynger

11. Raise Your Horns

12. Fimbul

13. Sons of the North




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