Evil Lucifera – Atrium Infernalis

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Reviewed: June 2012
Released: 2012, Domestic Genocide Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Evil Lucifera is not only the name of this band, but also the name of (now) sole member and vocalist.
After working in various other projects, this symphonic Black Metal Singer from Italy has struck out on her own and released her debut album on small but growing label Domestic Genocide.

Featuring Harsh black metal vocals and fast paced guitars this is definitely on the harder side for an album tagged as symphonic. No clean vocals and only the occasional melodic interlude this is actual more like an old school, hate filled Black metal album with some melodic keyboards chucked in the mix rather than all out symphonic metal and I think it works better this way as well as for the most part it avoids the cheesiness that is so prevalent in that genre. The lyrics are concerned with misanthropic, Satanic and anti-Christian themes with a nice dose of hatred and vengeance towards this world chucked in for good measure! The hypocrisy and the arrogance of Religion is also a large part of this albums manifesto. Sound wise this is very clean and crisp, this is to be expected as the majority of the sound comes from more modern technology rather than traditional instruments, although lacking in warm organic sounds I get the feeling the cold crisp edge this album has is what the band was looking for and it certainly isn\’t lacking in clarity.

Of course Female singers in the extreme metal world is now (Thankfully) nothing new but it is worth pointing out that this girl has a superb vicious set of black metal pipes that would put any male singer to shame, she doesn\’t really let up for a minute, her hate, anger and passion coming through brilliantly.

There is nothing new here, but what we have is a great slice of fast angry Black metal that I would recommend to any fans of the genre. It isn\’t anything you won\’t have heard before, but it is done really well and sometimes that is enough!

Review by James Price


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Track Listing:
1) Prelude to Agony
2) Alone in the Moonless Skies
3) Princess of Dissection
4) Triumph of Malice
5) Bloody Tears

Evil Lucifera – Vocals,Lyrics Yog Sothoth (ex member) Harmonies/melodies