Aus Der Transzendenz – Breed Of A Dying Sun

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Reviewed: June 2012
Released: 2012, I,Voidhanger Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Blimey these guys are secretive, I had never heard of this band and a quick look around the old interweb didn\’t really help much, I suppose that mystery and anti persona is much of what gives Black metal it\’s appeal,which by the way is what these lot play! Oh and apparently they come from Austria.
I must point out that this album did come with a Bio of the band but it wasn\’t exactly clear and concise: \”The Central-European black metal perception has been drawn into an ocean of visions, resonating with the mystic majesty of past aeon\’s and the coldest feelings of immaterial strength\” Yeah, er thanks guys!

Sound wise we are talking Fuzzy, murky atmospheric Black metal, sort of a muddy wall of sound that is more concerned with atmosphere than a clear defined style. Almost like shoe gaze at times with some beautiful melodies popping up now and then. A post-rock aesthetic filtered through a framework of traditional black metal is about as close as I can come to describing the sound and I have to say it works well.
Vocals are performed in a desperate, depressed manner and it fits in beautifully with the murky, gloomy sound, there are some clean vocals in this album but they are used sparingly mostly just used in the background to add some light to this otherwise dark album.

At times I am reminded of Early Alcest, high praise indeed and deserved; there are some superbly emotional moments to be found here on this short album (33 minutes)

The nature of this production adds quite a warmth to this album, unusual in the Black metal genre but it works well here giving off strangely quite a relaxing ambient feel at times, although the band won\’t let you fall asleep as they can at a moments notice pick up the pace and chuck in a great harsh black metal scream and blast beats. Lyrics are a mystery so I can\’t really discuss those here, but I would think they are of a depressive nature going by the style of music.

Fans of melodic, atmospheric and melancholic Black metal should check out this release ( If you can find it!) Right away!

Review by James Price


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Track Listing:
1) Breed of a dying sun
2) Hymns of ruin
3) A dream of ghosts
4) A pathway to rebirth
5)T he secret revealed

Mz – Bass, Das Schwarze Wildschwein – Drums, Waidmann – Guitars, Gottschall – Guitars, Gnosis – Vocals