Metal Alliance Tour – March 30th 2012, Edmonton, Canada

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Metal Alliance Tour

March 30th 2012, Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton Events Center

Review and pics by Monika Deviat

On March 30th 2012 the Metal Alliance Tour stopped in Edmonton Alta., at the Edmonton Events Center. With seven touring bands and a local band getting the opening spot after winning a contest put on by Concert Works in Edmonton, you knew the sets were going to go by fast. The venue filled up right after doors open and there were line ups for the merch booth that lasted most of the evening. We were also informed we only had the first three minutes to get some photos so we did our best at being ninja photographers. Unfortunately, a lot of the bands had some pretty dim stage lighting. The sound, as well as the pit, were broken up by pillars spaced throughout the middle of the venue.

We missed the local band because of an interview with Mike Spreitzer of Devildriver, so this review starts right with the touring bands.

The two deathcore bands,  Wretched and Impending Doom played back to back. Both bands had a lot of energy but were not interesting musically. There were just too many breakdowns in a row.







Impending Doom




3 Inches of Blood


3 Inches of Blood were up way too early on the bill and their half hour on stage felt very short.  The set featured a few songs off the new album released last March, Long Live Heavy Metal [Century Media, 2012], and “Metal Woman” was a crowd favorite. 


Job For A Cowboy

Job For A Cowboy also played some new material off their just released album, Demonocracy [Metal Blade, 2012]. This band suffered a bit from the poor sound in the venue but the crowd still got into the death metal that was delivered to them.





Dying Fetus


Dying Fetus had the best performance of the night. They had the largest crowd, the best lighting, and with the least band members played the most brutal set. They executed their songs with precision and expressed their appreciation to the audience throughout the set.


The Faceless


The Faceless had a large following as well that evening. The technical death metal band had a new guitarist, Wes Hauch, joining them just before the tour started. They also played a new song from their forthcoming album and it stood out from the rest of the material with its carnival like themed instrumental sections.





Devildriver knew how to work the crowd. Being the headlining band, they actually had the full stage to utilize and they used it well. Although the audience had started to thin out a bit after Dying Fetus, the overall energy was still high with people moshing, headbanging and creating circles pits. Some fan favorites from the set were “Meet the Wretched”, “Clouds over California” and “End of the Line”.


Overall it was a successful night for the Metal Alliance Tour even though there seemed to be a few minor technical difficulties throughout the night. Fans were able to see a variety of bands in one evening and get exposed to some new bands that they may not have heard of. We’d also like to point out that this tour could possibly win at most requests from bands for (circle) pits in one night.

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