Jex Thoth – Kuudes Linja Helsinki Finland

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Kuudes Linja

The 10th of May 2012

Helsinki Finland

Jex Thoth has become a regular visitor to Finland. Jessica Thoth could be witnessed at the stage twice last summer at two festivals. Besides Jex Thoth has effectively toured Finland during  the past few years and gained a good following amongst the metal fans.  The band’s, and above all, Jessica’s magical performance is definitely spell-bounding and hypnotic. Jex Thoth were once again on a four gig tour, crisscrossing Finland once again. The small club in the heart of Helsinki was quite packed, when approximately 200 people had crawled to the club on Thursday night.


Before Lady Jessica’s magical trip to the world of the witchcraft started, the domestic three piece Horse Latitude had been recruited to handle the opening slot. The band was previously unknown, even though some had heard a word or two from them in advance. Horse Latitude consisted of three members and the name of the game was extreme slow deadly doom metal with two basses without any guitars. Both the bassists remained in one spot on the stage whereas the drummer handled the growling. The band sounded utter heavy with the two dominating bass sounds.  


When the Finnish band had finished and their equipment had been carried away, the people started gathering around the stage, anxiously awaiting Jex Thoth. The musicians rose on the stage and were followed by Lady Thoth herself.

The whole show of Jex Thoth was pure magic from the beginning to the end. Jessica herself definitely lived up to the music and magical performance during the whole show. There was no communication between the band and the crowd, instead the band let music roll and speak for itself. Jex Thoth conquered the small venue and captured the audience with the ethereal show. The audience truly followed enjoying the atmospheric show performed by Jex Thoth.  The show could be described as a  kind of ritual and moment of exorcism. Setting a piece of wood on fire belongs to the part of each gig of Jex Thoth, creating the mythical feeling.

The band’s line-up has undergone radical changes. The renewed line-up was already presented at the Tuska Open Air Festival. The keyboards had been replaced by the second guitarist. Basically some of songs could definitely of used the keyboards as they sounded quite pale with just guitars. Instead, the newer songs sounded tremendous, creating an enormous waiting for the forthcoming Jex Thoth album. The set mostly consisted of the known songs of Jex Thoth.


Jex Thoth’s gigs are always magical experiences and above all the front lady Jessica Thoth’s passion and her way to live up to the performance and music are unbelievable unique.


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