The Lucky Ones – Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock

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The Lucky Ones

Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock

2012, Stumble Records

Rating: 4/5


The St. Catherines based booze-fueled Punk Rockers return with a follow-up to THE BOOZE SESSIONS. For this release Steve and band are a little more focused and consistent yet still the same as before. Does that make sense? The music is the same just more refined and tweaked. That’s better.

High energy, raw and alcohol fueled is the best and possibly the only way to describe The Lucky Ones’ music. For those that have never heard their music they are along the same lines as Dropkick Murphy’s just slightly more Rock/Punk and less Celtic. HEARTBREAK, HANGOVERS & PUNK ROCK sounds as though it was recorded live in a small sweaty club with hundreds of fans crammed in there. It has that live sound feel to it. It’s real and not done with studio trickery. Very raw the way it is supposed to be. You hear everything perfectly in the mix, nothing is buried or really in your face. Songs like “Demons & Dreams” and “I Got Booze” are a couple of the stand out tracks. The latter especially although parts of “Demons & Dreams” will stick in your head for awhile.

If you are in the market for some Punk Rock or just something different to crank up at your next party then look no further. This is the soundtrack to your next bender. Crank it up. Cheers!!