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Interview with Killerfix

@ Camden Underworld

23rd march 2012

Interview by: Wolf Shankland

Photos by: Michelle Murphy

Now not gonna lie, I only recently got into “Killerfix” and I had to say I really think these guys have what it takes to make it big! After arriving at The Underworld, there was a slight delay with starting the interview but as the crowd came in and the first band “Santorum” began setting up the Interview was underway…and I had to say that interviewing these guys was a massive laugh!

So, let’s get started:

Right first off guys I really want to say, love the album “Bridge of Disorder” All I want to know is, how did Killerfix start? (Band Laughs)

Craig: (Still laughing) It was pretty much a project I was working on for about 4 or 5 years before anyone else got involved. I worked with a producer called Joe Webb who’s the guy who recorded “Bridge Of Disorder with us and it was really just a project between myself and Joe, always with the ambition of getting a band together but we knew it was always gonna be difficult getting the right musicians together.

It took years to find the right musicians as it happens, I was doing the project for about 5 years and then Christian, who I knew for about a year, was in another band and I was spending a lot of time in America, we never got to hook up but I was always really keen on Christian to come into the set up for the Killerfix project, so when I came back from the states we met up and that kind of spawned the rest.

So we met up and started writing some tunes, James got involved very quickly after that, Matt was probably 3,4,5 months after that?

Christian: Yeah cause we’d done the album by then.

Craig: Yeah, cause we’d done the album without a drummer, definitely quite an unusual thing to do. We did the album with a drummer though, just our drummer.

Strange album (band laughs) We did it with Dan from Sikth, he came in for the sessions to do the drums then a few months after we finished the album we found matt, he came on board then bass player was always a troubled area for us.

Kim: Until now!

Craig: Yeah, this is Kim’s first gig with us tonight

Wolf: (to Kim): Excited?

Kim: Oh fuck yeah man! Seeing all my favorite bands here tonight, so fuck it’s gonna be sweet!

Craig: So that was pretty much it, it was a very long process but we’re here.

Lets talk about the name KILLERFIX; Where did that come from?

(Band laughs)

Craig: Jeez I really wish there was a cool story to this but there really isn’t.

You know I’m never really prepared for this…it’s really quite unglamorous!

When I lived up in Scotland I used to come up with names for bands and Killerfix was one that I did that wasn’t taken by any of the bands.

So it was simple as doing a Google search.

Wolf: Oh Christ you didn’t do the band name generator did you? (Band laughs)

Craig: No, No! (laughing) There was no generator, but I do like one word band names, its straight to the point and so I Googled Killerfix to see if there were any similar bands, checked Itunes, and actually there was really nothing similar, apart from a couple of bands like “Killerfest” and “Killerfox” but there wasn’t anything and it came down to a marketing point of view, no other bands use that name and when typed it will be the first that come up.

Wolf: It’s defiantly a catchy name though!

Craig: I think so, its gotta a ring to it, there’s not that much behind it other than it’s a ring. It fits the music perfectly and is a percfect little name.

Wolf: Sweet, well lets talk about the album “Bridge Of Disorder” where did the ideas for it come from? Cause I love the record and my favourite track is the title track:

Christian: Well the actual song “Bridge Of Disorder” was one of the first songs we did, no “Beckoning” was the first song we did in the studio then it was “Bridge Of Disorder” cause I remember coming back from the studio with “Beckoning” and was really impressed, but the whole album was a reasonably long process. We scraped a lot of stuff in the writing process so that we were 100% happy with everything we put into “Bridge Of Disorder”

Craig: I think the process actually took about 1 year, so from no songs, to a mastered product, a year. Me and Christian started writing, where we came up for the material for “Beckoning” and “Bridge of Disorder”, then when James came onboard he presented his ideas and it was really cool to have this flow of ideas come together and working on songs with no idea on how they’ll sound live.

With no drummer we couldn’t really rehearse so we had to rely on our gut and the “Bridge Of Disorder” is as gut feeling as an album is gonna get.

We all have quite a contrast in tastes when it comes to heavy metal and I think that’s what gives the album an unique flavour to it.

In this day and age you have to come up with your own stuff man, keep it original.

When you do a debut, there’s less uncertainty…

(phone rings) Who’s fucking phone is that?! (band laughs)

You know what’s bad, it sounds like mine!!

(answers the phone quickly to the producers, whilst the band chuckle away as Craig finishes his call!)

Sorry that was the record label! They’ve come from Germany to see the gig!

Wolf: That’s cool, cause that sends me to my next question, How did you come across “Dusk on the tracks”

Craig: That was myspace actually, I’m a massive supporter of myspace, so are the rest of the band. I mean so many people have turned their back on myspace but it helps a lot of bands out!

Wolf: Can I get you all to say fuck Facebook?

(Band laugh while you hear a couple of members shout “Fuck fucking facebook!”)

Craig: It was the middle of last year that Dusk found us and it’s a message to our fans and other bands not to jump straight into the new trends.

Myspace has always been really good at finding us new supporters and the record label.

Do you have a secret myspace tattoo on your leg for support?

Craig: They secretly paid me to say all of this! (band laugh) but it was through myspace that they got in contact with us. Then myself and the German speaking master James flew across to Hanover to their offices and we spent a day there with the label and it was clear to us that this was gonna be a big move.

Wolf: Best decision then?

Craig: Definitely, cause it’s so hard for bands to get signed now a days.

Wolf: For a lot of bands who really want to  make it, any words of wisdom?

Craig: It has to be real! 99% of the time you go and see a band who taken someone elses riffs, style, or trends, everybody wants to follow trends and I think that anybody that wanna do this and start a band really need to come up with something different, even if its just a little different you have to have difference cause otherwise what’s the point?

Wolf: [Pretending to sob]: That was beautiful man. (Band laugh)

Lets talk tonight, how long has it been since you last played in London?

(Band rabble) Christian: About five months…

Anymore tours after tonight?

Craig: we’re looking at tours in Germany and the album comes out in the US around about may, not certain yet but we’ll be looking to get over to America too.


This really is an exclusive: We’re looking to record our second album in the states or Germany this year!!

It’s so uncertain yet cause you have no idea where your next pay cheque is coming from!

Wolf: Any festivals lined up guys? Bloodstock still available?

Craig: Nothing confirmed as of yet but there is a strong possibility!

Wolf: Sick! Well I won’t keep you guys any longer as the first band has come on and the bar calls, so I will see you guys there and have an amazing show!

See you in the pit!!

BAND: Cheers Wolf!!!


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