NEONFLY @ O2 Islington Academy II

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Neonfly @ O2 Islington Academy II

Friday 9th March 2012

Review by James Griffiths

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Its a bit of a chilly night in good old Islington tonight, so the rush to get inside a nice warm venue is high on the priority list!

For a long time now gigs have been starting earlier and earlier to much frustration for those having to travel from work by train etc. The doors opened at 6pm and the first band ‘Serpico’ was on by 6:30pm which meant I missed the first band due to time of leaving work and governed by the train times, all this so they can start a silly little indie club at 11pm!

So after annoyingly missing the first band of the night I got ready for the second band which was The Morning After!

This 4 piece who hail from Essex walked onto the stage and instantly the vision of Lars Ulrich ran through my head.

Looking at these guys was like looking at an old 80’s metal band, with their skin tight jeans and white trainers.

Once they started playing though it was just great, the sound of a great 80’s classic metal band just rang out across the venue.

They really know how to rock out on stage and the energy and stage presence was just brilliant and really had the crowd whipped up within minutes of their first track.

They reminded me a bit of early Skid Row which in my eyes in a great thing and if they can hang in there and get bigger and bigger they will be a great band to watch out for.

They have some serious killer riffs and melodic choruses which in the future could really be great crowd sing-a-longs in the future.




Into The Fire


Over The Wire

The Witch Is On My Back

These Hills Have Eyes


Nightmare Planet

Rest In Pieces


Sometime After Dark

So after a great support act its finally time for Neonfly.

They were formed in 2008 by guitarist/composer Frederick Thunder. The band’s first EP “Clever Disguise” was released in 2008 and graced by a guest vocal spot from Tony Mills (Ex-Shy/TNT.)

The E.P. was well received by the underground metal community and landed the band prestigious support slots in the UK with Power Quest, Adagio, To-Mera and in 2011 the mighty Pagans Mind. To say watching these guys is amazing is an understatement, their own unique brand of metal, rock and power metal music really makes any music lover stand up and take notice.

Tonight’s show is no exception, the power and energy these guys put into their music and performance really shows on stage and from there onto the crowd.

After just a few tracks your left feeling tired just watching them jump around the stage just having fun and playing great music. Frederick’s vocals are just superb and hits all the notes he needs to with great ease.

They have come along way since supporting Pagan’s Mind last year and tonight kicked off their tour with The Morning After, if tonight’s show is anything to go by then the rest of the dates will be anything but dull.

If you get a chance to see these guys at any point during their UK tour or at any time in the future you wont be dissapointed, they are definately a band you need to see.



Broken Wings

The Enemy

Ship Of No Sails

A Gift To Remember

The Messenger

Reality Shift

The Revenant

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Spitting Blood

Morning Star

I Think I Saw A UFO