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The prestigious Roadburn festival has gained a massive reputation amongst all kinds of metal fans –  from sludge doom garage rock, crust punk to extreme death metal. The roster of Roadburn 2012 offered a wide range of bands from those genres. Above all, the Canadian cyber thrash metallers Voivod had been invited to the curator role. The band’s primusmotor and drummer, Away, also arranged a special art exhibition, giving a great chance for all Voivod fans to enjoy his great artworks. The whole Roadburn festival is a real mind-blowing experience. Once again Metal-Rules.Com had the  great opportunity of spending four days at Roadburn. The line-up of this year was definitely overwhelming and something to give to everyone. Metal-Rules.Com was present for the fourth time in a row to catch and smell the weed of stoner and metal and rock.  


The reunited Australian death doomesters D.USK aka dISEMBOWELMENT opened up the annual Roadburn festival. The whole venue was already packed when the Australian kicked off. The slow doomy death metal riffs roared with the heavy grip. The four piece Australian doomesters’ slow and deadly doom/death metal sounded extreme brutal and depressive. The Roadburn atmosphere was a perfect place for having such a doomed death metal performance with the intensive grip under the blue lights.






Occult rock has become extremely popular during the past few years. The Devil’s Blood as well as Jex Thoth are definitely the leading names of that genre. The Swedish Year Of The Goat is getting to that same league sooner or later. The catchy melodic riffs were floating around and people appeared to be spelled by the occult rock riffs. The sounds ain’t messy at all, instead sounds and the whole bands sounded sharp. Year Of The Goat was one of the interesting acts to be checked out. But if this occult rock gets too commercialized it will loose its magic.





Black Metal ? Well at least the way how the Agalloch guys look are not reminiscent of the grim evil black metal warrior. Instead the band looks more a standard rockish band living in the neighbor. However Agalloch’s grim sounding black metal influenced dark metal stuff has brought the band to the success. Agalloch did a solid and routine set, not relying on any gimmicks. 






Roadburn is such an interesting festival offering  entire strange and previously unknown bands to the bigger public. For example Christian Mistress was one of them and after all turned out to be a rather unexpected surprise. The whipping and catchy hard rock with obvious occult rock references was the name of the game. The small intimate venue created the passionate feeling above all in the front row. Despite the passionate feeling the band rocked hard. It became pretty clear this band has to be checked later. 


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Killing Joke visited the Tuska metal festival last summer, but playing an open air festival during the daylight was a bit wrong place and timing for these dismal rockers. Instead the Roadburn festival appeared to be more than a right place for Killing Joke. Obviously things didn’t go in the expected way at the stage as the band pulled side after some conflicts with the audience. When taking pics it could be felt the chemistry between bandmembers at the stage wasn’t that in the right balance. However the vocalist Jazz dominating figure was absolutely scary. His deadly staring view was definitely cold and empty. Pity their set was cut shortly.

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The Finnish Lord Vicar pulled the Greenroom venue so many people it went totally full. The band and above all the mastermind of the band Kimi Kärki is considered some kind of legend in the doom genre, therefore Lord Vicar attracts a lot of interest. The band’s flowing doom march sounded extreme vital and catchy. The vocalist Chritus’ voice crowns the doomy music of Lord Vicar. The set included both older material and newer songs from the latest album SIGNS OF OSIRIS. The guitarist Kimi deserves to have kudos for making unbelievable Van Halen jumps on the stage. 

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When the Norwegian Black Metal became widely known twenty years ago several bands got signed and some of them got catabulted to the big success. Some of them remained more on the background and smoothly vanished. Ulver is an interesting act starting out an extreme black metal band, but ventured to an entire new direction of the combination metal rock and fusion jazz. The Norwegian combo presented rather an surprising set consisting of several cover songs for example Jeffson Airplane, Common People. Doing that kind of cover set was basically a good idea, but after all it was truly boring and caused a yawning reaction. 


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Voivod did an outstanding gig by blowing the roof up into the air on the first night at Roadburn last year. Therefore giving the curator role to Voivod was definitely justified. Away and the boys had created the ultimate killer line-up and above all they had promised to do the whole “Dimension Hatross” album song by song. However on the first night of this year the Canadian metal legends performed a plenty of other Voivod classic. The set included the songs off from the first three album. The whole set was concluded by the Pink Floyd cover as a tribute to the late Piggy.


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The Finnish British combo Hexvessel playing the folkish based occult stuff influenced by the medieval approach. The band was more troubadour based outfit than a normal metal or rock band. The solid sounding songs with the catchy medieval folk stuff sounded astonishing great and brought some kind of peace of mind in the venue. The band has gained pretty good following as their reputation has spread like a wildfire all around.Therefore the venue was quite packed by the people interested in seeing Hexvessel. 



The US black metal combo Nachtmystium visited Roadburn a few years ago and got invited to perform the whole INSTINCT ; DECAY album. The album stands the pure black metal before the band has developed the style and approach into the other genres. It was obvious playing that particular album was received more than well by the Roadburn crowd. The band appeared to be thrilled and above all in a good strike at the stage. Hopefully INSTINCT : DECAY will get played as a whole again.

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The Icelandic cowboys Solstafir was one of the waited bands. The whole Het Patronaat chapel was once again totally packed and a plenty of people were outside the building, waiting to get it. Anyway the four piece Icelanders did rather an atmospheric set in the chapel. The Icelanders’ mystical metal with the gloomy riffs echoed in the chapel spelling the audience.

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To be honest this band named simply Witch was entirely unknown at least to me, but however the bigger venue was pretty packed. Obviously the band enjoys some kind of following amongst the stoner fans. However following the singer’s performance gave an impression of that some weed had been smoked a little bit too much. However the four piece performed  the solid stoner rock set. It is still kind of weird if the band is known so well that they had been placed on the main stage.  



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Even though Valient Thorr was kind of unknown mystery, as well, for the writer, however there were a number of shirts with the band’s logo. Those definitely caught the attention and interest toward the band. The band turned out to a pleasant surprise. The five piece deliveried uncompromising rock in your face style. The relentless man with the hillbilly bear was nothing, but tremendous Wildman. In general the whole band appeared into the fire causing the real relentless feeling at the stage. Valien Thorr turned out to be a real awesome live band.


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Vau YOB sounded like doom of tons of bricks. This three piece created the massive heavy sounds. YOB has picked up the 2The Unreal Never Lived” album to be played as a whole, from the beginning to the end. Each song was played with the massive heavy grip making eras bleed or at least making people have the tormenting earache. The vocalist guitarist Mike Scheidt’s intensive headbanging definitely broke the man’s neckmuscles. All in all Mike Scheidt’s charisma and performance dominated the whole stage, leaving other two guys on the background. YOB is a real heavy doom stuff with tons of bricks with the massive sounds.



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It is quite unlikely to witness pits at Roadburn, when Black Breath unleashed the deadly thrash onslaught the whole Greenroom venue was one hell of a battlefield. The five piece put the sixth gear on and whipped the audience with the tight performance. The vocalist encouranged the audience to go beserk and was a real hyperactivate on the stage. In general the whole band was extreme tight and relentless. The indoor club was a suitable place for Black Breath to have a right atmosphere and mood.



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Voivod already performed the night before. The second night had been sanctified to the performance of the mighty DIMENSION HATROSS album. Each song from the album sounded extremely refreshing, vital and full of energic passion. It was odd to image 23 years have passed by since when the album saw the light of day. The album is still even nowadays timeless and hadn’t been ruined by the test of time. Each song from the album was great and sounded brilliant. Hearing songs such as “Macrosolution To Megaproblem” was like having an utter pleasure. As a big surprise “Jack Luminous” belonged to the set. All in all Voivod could consider doing the album entirely from the beginning to the end as playing that album was definitely one of kind and turned out an extraordinary journey throughout the Voivod world.


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How many of you has witnessed mosh pits and diving in a church or chapel ? The British crust punk legends Doom arranged one hell of gig at the Het Patronaat chapel. The short and brutal neck breaking songs echoed in the catacombs of the chapel. The four piece hammered the songs down with the intensive grip. The crust punk version of the Black Sabbath tune “Sympton of the universe” sounded quite different, but recognizable however. Doom literally doomed and nailed the audience by giving the lesson of the British crust core.






Back in the day the Dutch death metal was alive and well. Several bands crawled out to bring the utter brutal death metal like Asphyx, Pestilence and then some bands adapted more darker doomy death approach like The Gathering, Acrostichon and Celestial Season. Most of those doom death bands vanished or then ventured into the entire new direction. Celestial Season literally dropped off from the map. For some bizarre reason Celeastial Season had been dug up from the grave to perform at Roadburn. The atmospheric doom metal echoed in the catacomb of the church. Both the cellist and the violinist brought the vibes of their own to Celestial Season. 

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The Japasene serial killer worshippers Church Of Misery have undergone changes as vocalists have come and gone. As for the current vocalist, frankly having lost a track a long time ago. Instead the previous singer appeared to be an utlimater relentless frontman throwing mics and running like a manic on the stage. As for the current singer, he appeared to be a more calmed down one. In that way Church Of Misery had lost the aggressive and restless feeling in the stage show. That’s real shame as this sort of band definitely needs a hyper aggressive frontman.

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Another interesting in your face rock band from California called Saviors. The four piece delivered the real uncompromising rock stuff. Saviours have put out some albums, but to be honest the previously unknown rock combo sounded as good as some known metal hard rock bands. It is kind of odd how these guys haven’t gained more attention.





Wino Weinrich is more than a regular visitor at Roadburn. The  legend of stoner and doom metal can be witnessed with different bands every year. For this year’s Roadburn he had resurrected one of his old bands, The Obsessed, back to life and made the debut show at Roadburn. Even though the The Obsessed enjoys the massive cult following amongst the die hard doom/stoner metal fans, but somehow the playing didn’t get started rolling. All the essential Obsessed hymns got played and of course the crowd enjoyed with the full heart. 






The Finnish combo Oranssi Pazuzu is an interesting act. The band combines different kinds of elements from black, doom dark and the psychedelic approach all together. Apparently the reputation of Oranssi Pazuzu’s eccentric style has reached people as hundrends of people had arrived to see them. The Finnish darkesters  led the crowd to the real psyhedelic trip in the world of the bizarre noise and effects.





The German ritual doom death metallers Necros Christos fitted to the roster more than well. Even though the German ritual metallers enjoy the cult following, the Green Room wasn’t packed. Obviously the late playing time decreased the attendances. The German occult ritual death metallers unleashed the true death metal lesson with the recognizable old school grip. The material sounded lawless and pure occult based death metal with the old school grip. The German four piece sounded brutal and murderous as always. 


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Internal Void was one of these bands playing at the Afterburner show on Sunday. The band kicked off by the rocking doomy stuff. The material sounded great all in all, but the singer’s eccentric moving and speeches kinda ruined the great set. Obviously some attendance had paid attention to the same thing as commenting on the official twitter site of Roadburn.






The Dutch black metal at Roadburn – Well Urfaust fitted to the Afterburner event more than perfect. The small venue was entirely packed when two piece black metal combo kicked the set off. The vocalist’ grim and high pitched screaming style was beyond the nihilism as it definitely ripped the ears. 



Bongripper was truly heavy and real sonic torment from the beginning to the end. No vocals needed, just massive wall of sounds destroying the ears, causing the arrhythmia and ruining equilibrioception. It was brutal and truly heavy.

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The reunited Swiss thrash trio legends Coroner headlined the last day of Roadburn titled AfterBurner. The band’s return had been waited for years. Several old thrash metal fans were utterly delighted about the return of the mighty Coroner after all. The Swiss three piece sounded unbelievable well trained and tight. Despite a few minor technical problems the set was godly great. It was rather interesting how the setlist had been created. It mostly consisted of the songs from the latest Coroner albums. Instead one song had been picked up from R.I.P, Punishment For Decadence and No More Color. As a surprise the set included the old demo song “The Invicible”. The Swiss trio was definitely in the strike. The band sounded amazing and it didn’t feel that they would have been on hiatus for about twenty years. If you have a chance to witness Coroner, get to see them before they disappear.


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