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@ At The Purple Turtle, London

Wednesday 7th March 2012

Review and photography by Sabrina Dersel MademoisellesPhotography.co.uk

Don’t you find it annoying to pay for a gig and then not being able to see the headliner band?

Sadly tonight will be doomed for Fleshgod Apocalypse.

But first things first, now on stage is Ageless Oblivion; a technical Death metal band from UK.

The five piece band is fusing together the brutality of Nile with the Morbid Angel worship seen by the likes of Gojira.

Their music also incorporates the sprawling, epic soundscapes and a heavy sprinkling of Doom soaked riffs that would please even the most elitist of listeners.


They sound heavy and dark,playing to perfection tracks from their debut album ‘Temples Of Transcendent Evolution’.

Stephen Jones on Vocals is ferocious, David Porter on Guitar and Sam Chatterton on Bass are unleashing dark brutal riffs, all directed by the hard pounding of drummer Richard Wiltshire.

After a very quick turnover, and already running late on the schedule by 45 minutes, BloodShotDawn is on stage.

Vocalist and guitarist Josh McMorran is fronting the English melodic Death/Trash metal band,as well as Benjamin Ellis on lead guitar, Anthony Ridout on bass,and Doug Anderson on drums.

Their self titled debut album has been released earlier this year and you can download the single "Godless” for free from their  myspace profile at www.myspace.com/bloodshotdawn.

From the first track “Beckoning Oblivion”, I am totally under their metal spell! From their stage presence through to their heavy sound, the band displays obvious talent.

Follows “Sickening Dogma”, we are told this track is soon to have a music video. Josh introduces the next song “The Quantum Apocalypse” asking the audience to headbang “cos it s groovy that one!” and the crowd obeys.

Josh is such a show by himself, he constantly displays a lot of facial expressions while singing and playing riffs,going from a crazy possessed soul to many insane genius laughs!.“Vision” and “Godless” end the set.

Dyscarnate is on next.

The mosh pit becomes very active and violent!

The Sussex three piece produces fast paced and furious riffs. Guitarist/vocalist Tom Whitty on the left has ragged vocals, perfectly supported by brutal roars of bassist/vocalist Henry Bates on the right.

People are banging their heads non stop on their heavy music and energy!


The track “The Promethean” brings the masses all together in one joined massive headbanging session, what a sight!

After one hour delay, the members of Fleshgod Apocalypse wearing black band hoodies are getting their stage ready.

It is 11pm already!

The change of the drum kit takes a while, and on the right you can see their standalone Steinway piano. Behind it, one is plugging the bass in and quite nervously presses all the buttons from the amp head.

His worried face isn’t a good sign!

Helped by a few others, it becomes clear the amp is not working at all. A change of power cable is attempted but doesn’t make any difference to the mute bass. Someone brings a new head, but no success in it neither.

With the minutes fastly running towards midnight I need to make a move and catch the last train!

Already the venue has emptied by more than half, I’m struggling to decide….A quick look at the guys onstage tells me that the whole sound situation hasn’t improved!

With a bit of anger and a lot of disappointment, I decide to head back to the train station.

I was later told that Fleshgod Apocalypse finally made it on stage, but the sound was very awful, and the band clearly looked irritated of the technical issues.

I guess I will have to wait for the Italian band to come back to London to catch their sound working gig!