WRETCHED – Vocalist Adam Cody Interview

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Wretched – Vocalist Adam Cody Interview

By Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs


As opposed to working from the same old palette, Wretched is apparently ‘looking to bring back old school metal and colour to the traditionally dark scene’. Now whilst the dark is most definitely our friend, what this hints at is that Wretched are a band with their own take, as opposed to re-heating yesteryear’s leftovers. New vocalist to the group Adam Cody explains how it all comes down to practicing what you preach…

From what I’ve read of Wretched it seems you started out as a ‘jam’ band – when did this turn into something more solid?

Adam Cody – The band started as just friends messing around; not a jam band like Wide Spread Panic or something. Haha. But we are fans of all styles. Most of the guys were still in high school when they signed with Victory and began touring.

Do you think that these kind of roots continue to have an impact upon the band dynamic today – in terms of the easy flow of writing material?

Adam – The open minded attitude of the jam scene does have an impact on the band, especially when it comes to incorporating an odd style into our heavy world.  We think it’s important to be humble on & off stage. Something you might see more of at a jam show.

On that subject the new album Son of Perdition has just launched – do you feel better or worse now it’s out there ;P?

Adam – I feel great that the CD is out; we’ve been so excited to show everybody what we’ve been working on!  Until people have the CD & see it live; it’s all just talk or hype. So we are ready to prove ourselves.

Have you already seen a response to it?

Adam – The response is good so far! I am a new vocalist to the band; so there has been some great and some bad responses, but I expected some fans to be attached to former vocalist Billy Powers. He’s a great writer & was with the band for their first 2 Victory releases.

What’s the feeling behind the album?

Adam – I personally think about the end of the world a lot and I think that it being 2012 a lot of other people have the same thoughts. What would I do? Why is this happening? What would I have done different?….. That’s lyrically where the album comes from. Musically it’s very melodic & dark feeling.

I couldn’t help but notice that the song ‘The Stellar Sunset Of Evolution’ is divided into three parts across three tracks – why did you choose to split this in this way?

Adam – The songs were split more or less to follow suit with our last 2 releases.  And each part has a feeling that’s being portrayed. The titles kind of explain the changes.

You’re currently busy with the Metal Alliance tour across the US with the likes of 3 Inches of Blood and Devildriver – excited? Have you ever played with any of the bands on the bill before?

Adam – We are having a great time! I don’t think we have ever toured with any of these bands. I have done a full US tour with Evan Brewer from The Faceless. But we were both in different bands at the time.  Everyone is very laid back; as well as being fun to watch every night! So tour has been really fun!

Is there a different vibe to touring with a host of relatively established bands?

Adam – Totally different vibe! Just always a sense of being rushed. There is always equipment to move/load, always a van to move and always someone to talk to. We usually hang out in the town we play. Maybe crash with friends if possible. This tour we just drive a lot & play Rinse Reuse Recycle.  

I imagine there’ll be some heavy nights over the next few weeks – do your tours usually get crazy?

Adam – Our usual tours are much like everyone else’s; awesome packed shows on the weekends and hit or miss shows during the week. This tour is pretty slammed every night! Much more effective! We have had some wild nights, but we like to keep it as professional as possible.

For one of the tracks off Son of Perdition – ‘Repeat… The End Is Near’ – you released a guitar demo/tab and drum demo video – what sparked this idea?

Adam – Victory had a lot to do with the idea. We as musicians & fans knew that guitar players would love this. We also know that a lot of our fans are musicians so it just made sense. Make a YouTube video covering a song & send it to us!

In today’s social and connected society, do you think bands are always on the lookout for new ways to interact with fans?

Adam – I think you have to be. Your options for free heavy or indie music are endless! In the end I think it takes your best friend telling you about a band before anyone really listens.

I also read that as a band you have weekly group practices, but also strict individual routines – it’s interesting as not many bands talk about practicing, and certainly not at this level of commitment, but of course as they say ‘practice makes perfect’?

Adam – We want to play tight every night and if you’re not on tour it’s hard to accomplish. But we’ve been lucky enough to be on a good steady tour routine. We practice for about a week before tour now. We have new songs to learn so we have a good bit of practice ahead of us.

Do you ever feel like slacking off though ;P?

Adam – Hahaha we all love to be lazy when we can. I love that moment around 2 or 3 am when I can smoke herb & relax. The other guys will have a drink & do the same. But music is a lifestyle & you can procrastinate all you want but it’s only your future that suffers.


With that in mind, what would you say is the best advice you could give to those bands just starting out?

Adam – Put your own music out, tour as much as you can, and don’t wait on a dream deal. Nobody is interested in selling your music usually unless you are selling it on your own. It’s easy and cheap to put your music up for sale! & play music you enjoy because you gotta play it every night!

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