DECAPITATED – WacÅ‚aw “Vogg” KieÅ‚tyka (Guitarist) Interview

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Decapitated Interview

 WacÅ‚aw "Vogg" KieÅ‚tyka (Guitarist)

@ Dingwalls, London

Interview By James Price 

Photography Andre Purvis

On Sunday the 26th of February We had the great pleasure of catching up with Vogg before he hit the stage at the Camden Dingwalls,on the third night of THE DECIMATION TOUR PART II with Aborted.


J.P- Hi Vogg thanks for taking the time to speak to us. So day 3 of the tour..


V – Yes day 3 of the tour! We did a tour in Europe 3 months ago with Aborted and Fleshgod Apocalypse; great tour, met a lot of great people at the shows. Right now we are in the U.K till the 3rd of March. Its a nice tour, we’re having a nice time. I hope today’s show will be good, we always have a huge line of people outside the door!


J.P – Do you normally get a good reaction from the crowds in London?


Vogg – London has always been good for Decapitated. We have played many shows here in the past, and also we have been connected with Earache Records. I think the U.K has always been the main market for us in Europe, I can see the real difference between the way the crowd react to us here and in the rest of Europe.

I feel Good here! The home of Metal! Black Sabbath!


J.P So you have a few different Styles of bands in this tours line up, not all technical Death metal. Does this work well?


V – Yeah everyone knows Aborted they are a death Grind band, we are death Metal. It works well to have some differences, mix up the styles a bit.

J.P – Of course this concert is in support of your new Album ‘Carnival Is Forever’ A new sound for the band, although still very much a Decapitated album.


V – New album is a little bit different. I think the real pure Death metal album for us was ‘Winds of creation’ then we developed a little bit and each album we were changing our style, last album was different to all the ones before it.


J.P – You are always evolving your sound, changing…


V – Yeah,it’s like life, people change, are getting older so our music is changing with us!

J.P – Do you feel any pressure at all to stick to a certain style or Genre of music? The underground metal scene can be very hard to please!


V – To be honest the main thing for me, the most important thing when I create the new music it has to be something I am sure sounds good and if its ‘this style or that style’ I don’t mind. I don’t look for what people think it should sound like, or what is the most popular because if I did that right now I would probably create some Deathcore! I just use my ears to write music that sounds good.


J.P – So… ‘Carnival Is Forever’ is your first album released on Nuclear Blast. Have you noticed any differences moving up to a bigger record label? (They were on Earache Records)


V – Yeah we have good contact with our people in Nuclear Blast, they have taken care of us in a good way.

We haven’t had any problems or bullshit between us and them!

People think going to a bigger label is bad, but you can be a small band in a big label. I mean Nuclear Blast is huge, so every band has their own people to take care of them. We are very satisfied with the promotion that they give us, for the album it is good.


J.P – So you did the production work yourself for ‘Carnival Is Forever’


V – Yeah me and Daniel Bergstrand did the mixing, we talked to each other every day. I’m the producer, because I am the composer of the music, and I always want the last word in how it sounds. I want it to come from me. I like complete control of the sound. The lyrics were written by my friend JarosÅ‚aw Szubrycht from the band Lux Occulta.


J.P – Did you communicate with him about the theme and content of the Lyrics?


V – I mean none of us in the band really like writing lyrics so we let JarosÅ‚aw the expert do it. I mean if you can’t drive a car, you let someone else drive for you! He did great lyrics for us, A bit crazy! But original good stuff! The lyrics are different from the usual Death metal gore subjects. It is more political, and based on Humanity. How we do what we do, how we respect each other. All the shit, all the wrong things that go on in the world. and the small weird things we as humans do day to day.

JarosÅ‚aw is always looking for an interesting take on language, that is why he is a great lyric maker. You don’t always know what is going on, there are a lot of double meanings.


J.P – So from a musical point of view…some changes going on in this album. For example, the title track has had people talking as it is your longest ever song.


V – Yeah it surprised people, It is good though to Surprise people Yeah?

We have a lot more dramatic elements and atmosphere in this album, not just constant blast beats all the time we really mixed it up. With the title track it surprised us as well how long it was, we kept playing; we were like…what 8 minutes!


J.P – You got a great reception for this new album, a lot of great reviews. This must feel really good after being away for so long, since your last album? (2006)


V – Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I am very happy with how it has been received. It is a good strong album, a lot of the riffs I created with Vitek (Voggs younger brother who tragically passed away in 2007) so a lot of it was created a long time ago and almost every idea and song on the album was created with Vitek before the accident. So a lot of the riffs have been growing and maturing. I am very satisfied. I am scared what will come next, I used so many ideas in this one!  

J.P – Will your new band line up, help with the creation of the next album?


V- Yeah it will be all fresh music, the new line up will help. Some of the new guys listen to different stuff, so we may have more different influences.


J.P – Do you ever get to write music while you are on tour?


V – Not really it is hard as there is always so much to do and stuff going on, seeing friends, and sight seeing. I mean sometimes the bands you tour with influence you, but generally it is better when you get home.


J.P – You have an amazing tour lined up in April, Decapitated will be supporting Meshuggah on their North American tour along with Baroness.


V – Yeah it will be very nice, very interesting tour. I think it will be sold out, it will be my tenth time touring in the U.S! It’s a very big market for metal over there, they have a lot more festivals over there than we have in Europe, but we will be playing at Wacken this year!


J.P – I know you have set up a couple of websites to help Coven with his recovery (Vocalist Coven was severely injured in the same crash that went on to kill Vitek in 2007)


V – Yeah we have 2 websites the first is WWW.WAKEUPCOVAN.COM and WWW.ADRIAN.ORG.PL And if you want to help him you can go on either of those websites and donate some money with paypal to help him with his recovery costs and his surgery, it would really be appreciated, thank you.


J.P – Thank you very much, have a great tour!


V – Thanks man!