Nightwish on Imaginerium European Tour 2012 at Falconer Theater Copenhagen, Denmark

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Nightwish – headline

Imaginerium European Tour 2012 – first leg

Battle Beast – special guest

Eklipse – support act

Falconer Theater



11/4 – 2012

Live review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




At the beginning of April was it time for the Finnish act Nightwish to come to Copenhagen and perform. This was their second show on the European leg of the tour that kicked off in Gothenburg Sweden the day before this day. Last year burnt the venue KB-Hallen down to the ground which was really sad and the Nightwish show that originally was going to take place there was moved to Falconer Theater. On their way throughout Europe brought Nightwish along two acts that I had never heard of before called Battle Beast and Eklipse. After a bit of searching, I hadn’t been to the Falconer Theater for about 20 years, I found the venue and it’s located at the bottom floor inside the SAS Radison Hotel. When I finally found the press-queue I instantly learnt that the venue had some strange restriction when it came to taking pictures. I wasn’t aloud to bring my camera inside the club and had to leave it into the wardrobe until one in the security came and led me and the rest of the photographers into the pit. Well inside was we aloud to take pictures of song number two and three and after that we had to once again head back to the wardrobe and leave our cameras. Crazy!! when I objected and asked why they had such strange rules the security only said that this was the way they roll in Denmark which is not true at all.



The venue takes about 2000 people and more and more people arrived as time went by.


When Eklipse showed up on stage I saw to my surprise that the band played on strings and that no one sang. They played covers of famous artist like Lady Gaga and this was definitive not my cup of tea. Luckily it all ended after 25 minutes and the change of gear went really fast. Soon it was time for the next band which was:

Battle Beast

The members ran out on stage and began the show right away and the singer entered the stage right after the intro had faded out. The band played 80’s heavy metal and all of the members worked really hard to get the crowd going. The band thanked Nightwish for taking them out on the road. The best thing with the band was the great female vocalist that did a really good job. Their show lasted for about 35 minutes before it was time to say goodbye.

The venue was filled to about 75% percent of its capacity and it didn’t seem like the interest for Nightwish was at top amongst the Danish people this night. Nightwish are one of those bands that extracts a a lot of different variety of fans and I could see teenage girls mixed with older hardrockers and mums with their kids. Me and my fellow photographers stood and wait for the security to lead us to the pit and about 9.45 was it time for the band to head on stage. A huge curtain hung in front of the stage and suddenly became the venue silent and up on stage came the headline act.




The curtain was still up and I could see bass player Hietala sitting in a rocking chair talk through the into “Taikatalvi” that also is the first song of the new album. “Storytime” was the first song out and Hietala threw away his rocking chair and the band entered the stage.

Band members are:

Tuomas Holopainen – keyboards

Emo Emppu Vuorinen – guitar

Jukka Nevalainen – drums

Marco Hietala – bass, vocals

Anette Olzon – lead vocals

The curtain dropped when all of the members were on stage and the audience gave the band a really warm welcome with cheers and claps. The rest  of the  photographers and I was let into the pit during the second song “Wish I Had An Angel”. The band stood quite far into the stage and had a lot of pyro ans smoke machines that blew off in the songs. Beside Nevalainen’s drumkit stood two smaller backdrops and instead of a huge backdrop behind him hung a huge TV screen that showed a gigantic ferris wheel. It looked like the band had a really expensive stage show to conquer Europe with. Singer Olzon looked really happy with the warm respond the band got from the fans and when the crowd heard “Amaranth” they went completely crazy. We were escorted out of the pit during that song and well outside we had to return out photo-passes and out cameras again. Well inside the venue again I heard Olzon thanking the audience for their support and that she hoped it was OK with the fans if she was talking Swedish and English to them. “The Siren” followed and the TV screen showed various patterns and red fire and it all looked really nice and gave atmosphere to the show.






It was Hietala and Olzon that kept the closest touch with the audience and Hietala also looked really happy with the warm welcome the band got. Those two also shared talking in between the songs. Olzon said it was time to slow down and sing a bit about love in the song “Slow Love Slow” taken from the new album. It’s a great song where Olzon is able to show off what a great singer she is. “I Want My Tears Back” followed instantly and here it’s Hietala’s turn to show that he really can sing. It felt like Olzon had grew as a frontperson and that she connected better with the audience than on previous shows a that I saw a few years back. Olzon, Vuorinen and Hietala worked really well together and kept the crowd going the entire show. After a few more songs showed the TV screen a huge lighthouse and many fans knew what song that was coming up, it was “The Islander” done in an acoustical version that sounded really great. The fans sang along in the song so loud that they almost overpowered Olzon and the band. Olzon said that they now was going to do something different and that she liked doing different things on stage with the song. Then followed the bands huge hit “Nemo” also done in an acoustical version which also worked really great and Olzo’s voice was perfect to be singing this song in an acoustical way. At the end of the song poured confetti down on the audience and the song

“Last Of The Wilds” followed. Olzon’s and Hietala’s voices fitted perfect together and it looked like they had a great time on stage. Now it was time for the band to end the show and Olzon said that the last song was written by someone that now are in heaven and the song was “Over The Hills And Far Away” and at the end of the song fire works and flames blew off and that was the end of 1.30 of great music. But the evening wasn’t over yet and the band returned after a few minutes to the stage and blasted off “Finlandia”, “The Song Of Myself”, “Last Ride Of The Day”  after that thanked the band the fans and the outro “Imaginerium” was the song the band walked off stage to. White confetti was blown over the crowd that seemed to never want to go home this night.






Nightwish out on an amazing show in Copenhagen and it was a while ago since I last saw the band so fired up and happy. The show seemed to be really expensive with its fireworks, smoke and confetti that burst out. It was fun to see a complement to a backdrop with the huge TV screen behind the drums. Olzon have really grown into her role as frontwoman for the band and I guess she maybe needed a while to adjust to the situation. It can’t be easy to replace such a charismatic woman as Tarja Turunen. Nightwish is coming back to Europe to do festival show so if the Nightwish circus comes to your town be sure not to miss it!!



Set list

Taikatalvi (Into)


Wish I Had An Angel



The Siren

Slow Love Slow

I Want My Tears Back

The Crow, The Owl And The Dove

The Islander


Last Of The Wilds

Planet Hell

Ghost River

Dead To The World

Over The Hills And Far Away



Song Of Myself

Last Ride Of the Day

Imaginerium (outro)



Thanks to Markus Wosgien at Nuclear Blast HQ in Germany for help with press/photo pass to the show.

No thanks to the ignorant security staff at the Falconer Theater.


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