CHIMAIRA @ O2 Islington Academy

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Chimaira @ O2 Islington Academy

Tuesday 27th March

Reviewed by: Wolf “Annihilation” Shankland

Photos by: Sabrina Dersel


Standing outside the O2 in Islington waiting with excitement, as ts been ages since I’ve seen the mighty Chimaira live (last time was when they did the “Sounds of the Underground” tour with “All that remains” and “Unearth” a few years ago) and after the release of their latest album “The Age Of Hell” I knew tonight was gonna be one hell of a show!

When the doors finally flew open I didn’t want to just wait around, so… TO THE BAR!

The floor filled up slowly though as the fans still waited around outside or at the local, waiting for the first two bands to finish with their sets.

The first band to open the night was “Neosis” and I’m glad I stayed inside the venue for this tech band. Unfortunately our photographer wasn’t able to make it for this band, but she soon appeared for the next supporting band!

Opening with some eye opening and blistering tracks, you could actually feel the bass from the guitarists monstrous 8 stringed guitar really rip into your core and set you going!

The tech band hailing all the way from Switzerland played tracks from their latest self titled album, playing truly blistering tracks like “Supremacy Design” and “Unwilling Fate” this is definitely one band to look out for if you’re a fan of “Meshuggah” and “Periphery”

Next up was “Revoker” and I have to say, what is it with welsh lads and their ability to sing so cleanly. Puts this northerner to shame!

But none the less, these lads really put on an awesome show and can see why they were picked to join this line up.

With songs like “The Great Pretender” and “Psychoville” this hard rock metal group really had the crowd gearing up with the pits already opening up and the crowd screaming for more!


“Revoker” really did this line up justice and put faith in myself that not all welsh lads sing about falling tears and suffocating.

But now is the band of the evening…“Chimaira

And what an entrance!

As most Chimaira fans know, Mr Hunter is the only original member of the band as the rest have gone their separate ways, but the new line up included: Emil Werstler, Sean Zatorsky, Jeremy Creamer (Daath) and Matt Szlachta (Dirge Within) also drumming for “Chimaira” is Austin D’Amond (Bleed the sky) and to be honest the new line up really does the band justice!

Opening with “Nothing remains” from the self titled album the crowd roared along to the opening to the track and in an instant, the crowd opened up and ripped the floor to pieces! The new line up really keeping up with the old school vibe.


With amazing songs to follow like “Losing my mind” and “The Flame” the pits became more brutal and more destructive.But the best was yet to come…

After a blistering solo from Emil, “Power Trip” boomed over the amps! Again the floor became ecstatic. Followed by two tracks from the recently released “The Age of hell” “Year of the snake” and the earth shattering “Born in blood” with help with vocals from Zartosky (originally recorded with “WhiteChapels” Phil Bozeman)

The band threw an amazing set all in all, with tracks like “Venom Inside” “Everything you love” and “Coming alive” following the monster tracks previous. The floor didn’t stop moving all night! If pits were deadly, the bodies would be piling of brave Chimaira fans!

But we aren’t done yet…with songs like “Destroy and Dominate” and “Severed” followed swiftly after by an amazing drum solo from new drummer Austin, proving he is a force to be reckoned with.

Chimaira ended the night with three amazing songs from their top three albums; “Disappearing Sun” “Pure Hatred” and the ear splitting “Resurrection”, a song proving that no matter what life throws at Mark Hunter, he always has his friends and fans supporting him all the way, and tonight proved that!

Well done you crazy motherfuckers!!

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