Mustasch on Sounds Like Hell Looks Like Heaven Scandinavia Tour 2012 Kulturbolaget Malmoe,Sweden

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Sounds Like Hell Looks Like Heaven Scandinavia Tour -2012

Kulturbolaget, Malmoe, Sweden
17/3 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The Swedish stoner / hard rock act Mustasch released a brand new studio album at the beginning of 2012 called SOUNDS LIKE HELL LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN and it has sold gold after only one week in Sweden. Drummer Danne McKenzie left the band about the same time as the album came out and was replaced by Jejo Perkovic who has played with Candlemss and Abstrakt Algebra to mention a few. The tour began at the end of February and visited both Norway and Denmark before it was time for the band to come to Sweden and Malmoe to do a show at the best club in town, Kulturbolaget. The entire tour ends at the end of April in Sweden. I met up with the band earlier during the day and everyone was as nice and friendly as always. I’ve heard that the band was going to play the entire new album back to back so I was eager to see if that rumor was true. The tickets was almost sold out so this night had all the possibilities to become a forgettable one.

When I got inside the venue I heard that the show had sold out and saw that the crew had prepared the stage with fences so it was only to wait for the band to kick off the show. There were no support acts and Mustasch were scheduled to begin their show at 8.30. While I waited for the show to begin more and more people of a very varied kind came into the club and I saw both headbangers, teenagers and pop-fans that for some reason love the band. Mustasch is one of those bands that appeals to all kind of people which is really nice to see.



The band came on to stage while the intro ran but the curtain hadn’t dropped yet so the guys stood behind it. White light was projected them so the audience could only see their shadows which looked really cool. “Speed Metal” was the first song out and it set the tone for the evening. The curtain dropped after the intro was played and the fans gave their idols a really warm welcome. “The Challenger” followed and both songs was taken from the new album so the rumors about the band playing the entire new album back to back felt true. Gyllenhammar said that it was nice to be back in Malmoe again and that they were going to play SOUNDS LIKE HELL LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN from beginning to end this night but if the fans screamed loud enough they were also going to play some old classical tunes.

The members are:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar

David Johannesson – Guitar

Mats Stam Johansson  – bass

Jejo Perkovic – drums

“Cold Heart Mother Son” followed and Gyllenhammar wondered if Malmoe was doing good. Gyllenhammar then introduced “Morning Star” and as usual was he standing with one foot on a black box while he sang. “Dead Again” and “Your Father Must Be Proud Of You” continued the show before Gyllenhammar kicked off “Destroyed By Destruction”. Even though the songs was pretty new could everyone in the audience sing a long with them and it felt like the fans really loved the new disc. The members felt as solid as ever and Perkovic made a great impression behind the drums. That together with the great mood Gyllenhammar was in made the show a really fun one to watch. Gyllenhammar joked around and seemed to be having a fun time on stage. Gyllenhammar said that we had come to the end of the album with the songs “I Don’t Hate You “ and said that he loved Malmoe which made the audience laugh. “Northern Star” ended the album but the fans wasn’t satisfied with only 45 minutes of Mustasch and shouted for more. After a few minutes came the band back on stage and thanked for the warm support. Gyllenhammar said it was time to move back in time and play their break through song “Down In Black” and that made the floor boil. The temperature had gone subtropic and the fans sang along and clapped their hands during the entire show.







Both sound and lights worked in favor for the band and the smoke machine wasn’t overused for once. “Heresy Blasphemy” followed and then was it time for the usual sing a long part Gyllenhammar always do with the fans. “Mine” taken from the previous studio album MUSTASCH from 2009 continued as well as the crowd pleaser “Bring Me Everyone”. Gyllenhammar directed all the fans how to sing and it looked quite funny. “Black City” and a drum solo followed and then came the two last songs for the night which were “I Hunt Alone” and their mega hit “Double Nature”. Gyllenhammar also took out a bottle of Jack Daniels and had a toast with the fans at the front of the stage. He jumped down in the pitch, filled his mouth with whiskey and poured it over the fans at the front. As soon as the last notes of “Double Nature” had faded out went the band of stage and the show was over for this time. As the outro had the band chosed the Whitney Houston song “I Will Always Love You” and Perkovic pretended to sing it while he thanked the fans. 90 minutes of Mustasch music was over and the really sweaty crowd seemed to be really happy with what they had seen.





The show was brilliant and it was pretty bold to play the new album from beginning to end in the right order to as on the album. The second part of the show that included all the bands hits felt solid and even though I maybe missed a few songs I have to say that the band impressed me a lot. Gyllenhammar was in a great mood and had narrowed down his soccer-talk which was great. However was the looong parts where Gyllenhammar only talks and the looong solo parts featured which made the show lost pace and makes no one happy but Perkovic was a solid drummer and the rest of the guys also made a great appearance. It feels great to be Swedish when you witness and hear such great music and such a great show as this one.



Set list

Speed Metal

The Challenger

Never Too Late

Cold Heart Mother Son

Morning Star

Dead Again

Your Father Must Be Proud Of You

Destroyed By Destruction

I Don’t Hate You

Northern Star


Down In Black

Heresy Blasphemy


Bring Me Everyone

Black City/drum solo

I Hunt Alone

Double Nature


Thanks to the head of KB Totte Lundgren and Kristian Kornhage head of press at KB for help with press/photo pass to the show and a big thank you to the crew and staff at KB, it’s always a pleasure coming to the club.

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