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Guitarist Theo – Descending


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Tom Hack for setting up the interview.

Thanks to Massacre Records for providing me with promo pics.


The Greek thrash metal act Descending has a new album out, it’s their second one called NEW DEATH CELEBRITY and sounds great. The album was released at the end of last year and I thought it was about time for the band to be featured in The guitarist Theo and I talked about the new album that was recorded in Sweden by the famous producer Fredrik Nordstrom. Of course we talked about a lot of other things which you can read about below. If you like thrash metal, be sure to check out Descending.



Hi Theo, are you ready to take on the interview with and me?

Yes, I’m ready.

The new album by Descending is called NEW DEATH CELEBRITY. For how long have you worked on the album?

We were working on it for about two years.

How long took the recording process?

It took us 20 days.


Who has written the material and what are your lyrics about?

We all worked on the material, each one in his field. The lyrics have a multi dimensional aspect concerning the main character of the album.

What did the fans think of the teaser you put out on your MySpace site?

We got a really positive feedback from all over the metal community.

Your previous album ENTER ANNIHILATION came back in 2008 what have you been up to in between releases?

We were mostly working on stuff that lead to New Death Celebrity.


Do you feel that the band have gone through any musical developments with this new album if you compare it with the last disc?

We feel we have progressed musically as we have matured as individuals since Enter Annihilation.

I read in the info sheet that you have gone through some critical times regarding the musical and the artistic course of the band. Would you care to straighten that statement out?

Every artist goes through changes and so we did. It’s nothing more than our evolution as persons.

How come you named the album NEW DEATH CELEBRITY?

The title has to do with the concept of the album. It speaks about a very important person a celebrity and his journey through ups and downs to deceits and finally birth to death and back to his rebirth. Each song represents a state of mind body and soul throughout the journey of his life from death which brings his work to eternity all the way back to his birth when it was determined that he would be a star. As a parallel meaning each one of the songs represents the 10 stages of the circle of the soul till it stops to reincarnate. The number 10 is really an important number for us in this album.


Who’s done the cover art for the album and what do you think of it?

Seth Siro Anton is responsible for the artwork and we feel that it fits perfectly with our concept and atmosphere of the album.

How would you like to describe what kind of music Descending plays?

I don’t like to put labels in music. I prefer the listener to choose the definition himself. After all it is an extreme metal album.

Are there any plans on shooting a video to any of the new songs?

We have already done the shooting for a new music video, which is in the editing process and will be released pretty soon. That song is "The Energy".

The single “How Much Life Weights” was released for free at your labels website; how did the fans responded on the single?

We got really impressive feedback.

Do you care what critics write and have to say about the album?

We mostly care about fans opinion. They are the reason we play music.

Are there any differences in how you’re treated and written about when it comes to native and foreign press?

Everyone has each own taste in music so its mostly an issue of personality than nationality.


Production & studio work

Where was the album recorded and who has produced it?

The album was recorded in Fredman Studios and was produced by the band, Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd.

How come you worked with two Swedish producers and how was it to work with such skilled guys?

It was really fun to work with such skilled and experience producers that the whole production process came so naturally.

How was it to record in the notorious Studio Fredman?

It was great.

Was it fun to be in Gothenburg and have you been in Sweden before?

It was the first time being there. It was really great.

Had you any time off to go and explore Gothenburg?

No, we were really busy recording the album that we didn’t manage to go out and see Gothenburg.

What was the main differences between the way Nordstrom/Udd and RD Liapakis work? Liapakis produced your previous album.

Each producer has his own ways to work.

How come you didn’t worked with Liapakis this time?

We like to change producer in each album so we added new elements in our music.


Who mastered and mixed the album and was any of the members a part of that process?

The whole band was part the the mixing process and it was mastered by Talormade.


When and where was the band founded?

It was founded in Athens (Greece) in 2007 by Jon and me.

How come you wanted to form a band?

We were all really good friends since a long time ago and had similar way to approach music.

Was it hard to find members to join you and was it given from the start that you were going to play this kind of music?

No, it wasn’t difficult at all cause we were friends with all the other members also. We started playing and this kind of music came out. So it was a natural thing.

Have the members got any common artists or bands that they’re inspired by?

We are inspired by so many artists that I find it hard to tell you.

Have you done a lot of touring since the beginning of the band?

We have played a lot of shows but mostly in Greece.

Have you done any shows or performances outside Greece?

Yes, we did Exit festival in Serbia and it was really Amazing.


Have you had the same line-up all the way or have you gone through any member changes so far?

The only change was between our previous drummer Antony and our current Nick.

Is the current line-up a solid one?

Yes it is very solid since we have common goals.

Where does the band name Descending come from?

I came up with that name and the others liked it. So we chose it.

Constantine is besides Descending also a part of the band Mystic Prophecy. Are any other member part of a band or project beside Descending?

We are mainly focused on Descending.

Do all of the members live in Athens?

No. Nick and I live in Volos.

Your debut album ENTER ANNIHILATION went very well was that anything you had predicted?

Always when you start something, you have high hopes for it. So we are happy about it.

How’s the metal/hardrock scene doing in Greece at the moment?


Really good as always.

Have the current turbulent situation in Greece have any effect on the metal bands and the metal community?

Of course everything has changed in Greece but the metal community remains still strong.

Are there a lot of hard rock clubs or venues for harder music available in Athens?

Not as much as we would like to have.

You have been support act to bands like Testament, The Haunted, Heaven and Hell and Blind Guardian how was that?

It was really great to share the stage with such artists that were responsible for all of us to start listening to metal music.


Do you think it’s important to be active on the social networks?

Of course it is. It’s an easy way to promote your work massively.


There’s not much info about the band on the internet, why?

Well now, you have our full biography and further info and you can help us spread the word..hahaha..

Your albums have been released in Asia do you have a big fanbase there?

We had a really positive feedback from Asia and that was surprising for us.

Are your albums going to be released in North America soon?

There are some talks about it and we hope we manage to do that.

Are your albums available as legal downloads?


Yes, through iTunes.

Are there any plans on doing festival shows this summer?

Yes, there are.

What have you got to say to those who haven’t heard or discovered Descending yet?

If you like extreme metal you should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Could you give the readers three great reasons why they should buy NEW DEATH CELEBRITY?

Brutal fat and aggressive.

Could you reveal any title or info about the next album?

New Death Celebrity is out in about three months. It would be impossible to tell you any titles or info about the next one.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with the readers and fans?

I hope you like New Death Celebrity and see you soon, live.


Well that was all for me. Thanks a lot for taking the time off to make this interview and we wish you and the band all the best in the future.


Thank you for the support.

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