Deicide with Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams & Lecherous Nocturne: March 15, 2012 Calgary Canada

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With Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams

& Lecherous Nocturne


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Republik, Calgary Canada

Review and pics by Monika Deviat

Deicide’s “March of Death” 2012 tour stopped at the Republik in Calgary Alta., on March 15th. Three support bands joined Deicide on tour and locals Day One snagged the opening spot for the night.


Calgary’s death metal act Day One kicked off the evening with an early start time of 7:30. Half an hour after the doors opened, the band was on stage playing to a slowly growing crowd. Day One played with precision and power. Guitarist/vocalist Jay Nerada shredded through riffs, gazing out into the crowd with a menacing stare while bassist Jay Smith dominated his side of the stage. Their set was short but vicious.




Lecherous Nocturne

Lecherous Nocturne was the first of the touring support bands. They’ve been around since 1997 but have only released two full length albums. The band from Southern California played well but would have impressed the crowd more with a stronger stage presence. Once they took the stage the band asked for the lights to be turned way down and so we don’t have many photos that turned out of the support bands.

Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams has been through Calgary as support on a few tours recently and but their live shows aren’t convincing enough to warrant seeing them so often.  Their style has evolved quite a lot over the years, but in a way that seems uncertain and undirected. On this night their set mostly consisted of slower and atmospheric songs but the bands presence did not match the music, making it difficult to be drawn into the music.




Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot, the main support on tour, received a huge and well deserved reaction from the crowd. The four-piece from Kenosha Wis., brought an old school death metal sound and intense energy. Their set list spanned the band’s entire discography, including “Worst Case Scenario” and “Let Them Die”. The heavy riffs supplemented by lyrics about war, death and torture encouraged the pit and had the fans up front headbanging.


The crowd for Deicide was mostly comprised of young kids and some of the guys looked like they would have been more at home at a metalcore show. Even by this point in the evening the venue had still not filled up for the notorious band.  Deicide tore through their set list in an efficient manner. Their twenty song set catered to what fans wanted: the old stuff. But they of course included some newer material from To Hell With God [Century Media Records, 2011]. The first song, “Homage for Satan” led right into “Dead by Dawn” and the band went through quite a few songs before frontman Glen Benton acknowledged the crowd and his minimal banter was monotone and hoarse. However, if you piss Benton off he’ll make sure you know it. Benton kicked a girl’s cell phone out of her hand when he got fed up with her waving it around in front of him for half the set. While Deicide didn’t pull out anything especially spectacular for their performance, they did play good songs and they played them well. It wasn’t the “old Deicide” but they did play a lot of what fans wanted to hear.

Set List

Homage for Satan

Dead by Dawn

Once Upon the Cross

Scars of the Crucifix

When Satan Rules His World

Serpents of the light

Save Your

Hang in Agony until You’re Dead


Blame It on God

They are the Children of the Underworld

Death to Jesus

Witness of Death


Into the Darkness You Go

How Can You Call Yourself A God?

Kill the Christian

Sacrificial suicide

Lunatic of God’s Creation

Oblivious To Evil

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